huuuuuuuuge weekend

well, what did i not do this weekend? heh. aww yeah. what a weekend indeed. friday was davinday. july 2nd of every year from now on will be davin day, which is not my birthday, but rather a day i will save up time for and take the day off from work just so i can do exactly what it is that i want to do. mind you, work is close to being that already! however, this was a super healthy weekend for me and i enjoyed it immensely. canaday, music making, radio, picture taking, coffeeing, tennising, partying, plotting, driving, fundraising, etc etc.
it is a bit too breezy to hit up the sooke potholes action today so i’ll save it for next weekend. instead, i will post a zillion pictures!

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  1. can you make the beetle a desktop
    御願いします (please)
    (thank you!)

  2. a potatobug!!
    davey and i had a very close encounter with one of those a few days ago. It was very comical. I wish I had a picture!

  3. Nice pics… you caught Mark in a yawn, ha ha!
    Thanks for helping to organize the fundraiser, Davin. Sure, there weren’t a million people, but the movie got a lot of laughs 🙂 Job well done!

  4. Dude…that crazy pic of me spinnin at Sara’s is the best one i think 😉 Jus playin 🙂

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