off the hook

photo by - april 2005
Hush in Victoria on Saturday night was insane. really, as usual. DJing with Braeden is one of the most natural tag team combo’s I have ever been involved with, if not the most. the same CD got us into DJing — Sasha & John Digweed’s Northern Exposure 2, East Coast Edition. It’s mostly trancey breaks, so go figure, we played none (save one at the end) on Saturday night. But the time before .. well we played plenty.
photo by - april 2005
The response to the progressive we were playing was off the hook, so we kept on playing it (even though I brought mostly breaks in my record bag). the biggest treat of the night for me was when we dropped the new Formulate remix of AFK – Dreamcache. have a look at the crowd response. (4.23 megs, dot AVI)
that video is a bit of a teaser because it cuts off just before the beat drops again..

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a new website

here’s another new website i made over the last few months, just launched this week:

woot. clicky for site. he’ll also be in from australia at Hush (in Victoria) on Saturday, April 30th. yeah!
i am happy ’cause

  1. charles is coming over for the James Holden and Chloe shows next week
  2. i finally get to meet chloe
  3. kasey taylor from the awesome vapour records is here on friday
  4. me and charles are gonna make choons!
  5. saturday night is gonna be huge in victoria at hush — spinning with Braeden is consistently one of my favorite DJ experiences
  6. thursday night is sara’s fashion show and i am djing the after party at tribeca which i hear is a cool place
  7. i migrated 6 blogs from mt 2.64 on a BerkeleyDB to mt 2.661 on a more robust, faster MySQL db. and it is working. this will decrease spam initially (since there is a new address for the comments cgi .. not security by any means, just not found by the spambots yet.)
  8. i made the template for pacific front recording business cards tonght. i thought it sucked and was lame but i just had another look and it is classaY! woot.
  9. went for coffee with jay and talked photography for a good hour and a half! that was fun. it is nice to meet someone with the same kind of enthusiasm for photography as many of my friends in the photogroffee kroo.

okay i think that’s enough for now!
bye bye bye

dj ariz0na website online

here’s a new website:

which you can get to through the newly renovated project page (in the navigation at the top of this page!) or click here on projects. these are the big ones i am involved with right now outside of work hours. and a few other collaborative efforts but they don’t have websites yet.

same day

i think this is the first time in a very long time that i am posting pictures the same day i have taken them. i don’t know why that may have been but i think it’s more a reflection of my lifestyle than anything. these are the three shots i took today.
the fire hydrant one is all about the complimentary colors, the perspective, division into (approximately) thirds, depth of field, and the fact it is a weird-ass fire hydrant. cool i say. the fire hydrant is about 50 feet from my building. i took the shot on the way home from work.
the hole-in-the-tree is from Victoria Park (in front of my place too, taken before going to work this morning) and it is all about the little plants growing inside what looks like would make for an excellent owl-home. green (life) in the greyness (abandonned by the owl). hoot hoot. woot. zope.
the last one, well this arrived in the mail today courtesy of DJ Emit. that is tim for any of you following along at home. wow, way to make my day! thanks tim you rooooool. how cool is that shirt?!!??!?!?!?!?!?! note the blue-orange/brown combo.


me and thor made this thing out of icecubes at quentin’s the other night
i have spent half the weekend figuring out how to install scode for moveable type.
okay here is the list of dependencies (top down):

  • moveable type (blog software)
  • scode (image-comment verification system)
  • GD (Gif or Graphic Designer) and (Perl Module)
  • zlib (compression library), libpng (ping image generation library), libjpeg (you guess what this is), freetype2 (typing on graphics generation tool)
  • fink, apt-get, cpan (application-getters and installers)

inherently if there is something wrong with the code in one of the bottom items, it’s going to cascade upwards into the other items.
some notes:

  1. fink is sorta broken. by sorta i mean sometimes it searches and installs out-of-date software that is incompatible with everything you’re trying to do.
  2. this is not easy to attempt at 3 a.m.
  3. some of this software that fink, cpan and apt-get retrieve requires patching, and the patches have to be current otherwise they are not going to work. they did not work. help pages like this are nice to find, however it is out of date, so the instructions no longer work.
  4. this is not easy to attempt at 5 a.m.
  5. GD says it installed. says it did too, but with some cryptic errors that I have not seen documented anywhere. scode sayz ‘no, it is not installed and i hate you!’ ahem.
  6. this is not easy to attempt at 8 a.m.

i’d really like to get GD and working properly on my system because it would be fun to play with graphics generation. especially cool considering i can use my existing truetype font library (it’s huge, trust me) to generate graphics with php commands. that will be leet.
so i slept for a while, spent from 2 until about 30 minutes ago trying to get it to work. i think it is fair to say i got nowhere with it and i have uninstalled the scode (which has prevented you from leaving comments).
so the blog is obviously back. what happened was that a DNS server moved to another IP and I guess they aren’t supposed to do that, since they’re the ones telling everybody where everything is. hooray for the new all rejoice.
pictures will appear later when i am not so sick of computers! these things are supposed to serve us, not the other way around ..