will you meet me?

september air comes cold
feelings rush back and unfold
speeing, crashing, burning through
memories in my mind of you
gone so fast too fast to catch
years have gone and can’t come back
so now i’ve closed my eyes
closing seconds of our time
see the shore light up night sky
see the beach swing summers high
august shower after heat
smell of rain on dry concrete
feel the air turn cold around
see leaves fall blur the ground
wet road slide slither by
catch reflections petrol sky
when I feel I can’t move on
and my will is not so strong
moments of uncertainty
behind your smile I want to be
down the front where we used to talk
down the streets where we used to walk
these places I will be
will you meet me?

those are words from a longview tune that they did with ulrich schnauss. amazing tune. i love the lyrics because i can heavily identify with them right now. it’s like someone else wrote what i am feeling. so, thanks longview.
i will not be coming back to victoria this weekend. i am a bit torn up about it .. but i really can’t afford to live in two cities. plus i will never be able to settle in here unless i spend more time here and get to know more of my friends that already live here.. there are just some really special people in victoria that i do miss a lot right now. and i feel like i am not that far away.. but i know when people leave victoria.. it’s like it doesn’t matter where they go .. they just are not there. and so i am not there. but.. please don’t forget about me.
i never forgot about my friends when they moved away, but i can admit to a lack of effort trying to stay in touch. well, maybe i shouldn’t say that. partly my website here, this, is for staying in touch. and i’ve made websites for some of my friends that are far away so that we -can- stay in touch..
my personal phone is a mere ghost of what it used to be. it rings once every few days. a lot of my friends in victoria really are still a big part of me.. i think when you spend 26 years in a community, the friend-equity you build up is so huge that it’s really hard to see when you’re still there.. now that i have moved away.. i think i realize more of what i had and all the wonderful people i know there.
speaking of victoria and community.. tomorrow they will announce on the news on CFAX 1070 that i am the winner of the distinguished Citation Rose award for above and beyond community involvement. they sent a notice early today about it along with some goodies. it is a great honour and i am grateful for the recognition.. too bad i wont be there to hear it.

high ceilings

i had dinner tonight at balthazar. i like their pizza.
i recorded some samples on my minidisc from the weekend into my computer and i’m going to make a tune with the samples this weekend. creatively it is all plotted out in my head. this should be interesting as i have had the idea for some time and only been able to get the samples a few days ago in victoria.
i am going to go to sleep now as i suspect i have grown allergic to being awake (sneeze sneeze). tomorrow night i am meeting up with geoff and natalie.

staying in kitsilano tonight

i’m over at my aunt and uncle and cousin’s place in kits. we had dinner and then played with this space arena game controller for the PS2. it requires and comes with strapped sensors on your wrists and ankles and a floor pad similar to that of the dance-dance-revolution type. it’s a neat concept but still a bit buggy as we found out whilst playing Def Jam’s Battle for New York.
and the next game..
Street Fighter was fun but the special moves which are so important take on a whole new level of difficulty when your jumping and twisting your legs instead of rolling your thumb across 3 sensors and pressing two other buttons. (makes the traditional hand controller combos seem really easy!).
me and tara just rented “saved” and we are about to watch it. we also bought some chocolate by accident. i mean, yeah. mmm, kit kat.
big day tomorrow.. i am going to get to the movie now!


i shut my computer / server / cable modem etc off for the electrical workers to come in and fix the outlets in the place.. which they did this afternoon .. and i turned everything back on and it turns out i still have the same IP .. amazing. so we’re back up a lot sooner than i expected. hooray!
*does the the electrical guys did their job and my cable modem was unplugged and my computer was too (all day long) and my ip miraculously did not change and so my DNS does not need updating dance*

server going down tomorrow

the outlets in my appartment are being fixed tomorrow. the server will go down. the DNS will probably change again. sorry.
this is the only part from my most recent post that i will publish. the rest was a lot more interesting, though still suitably vague, but will not be published. i have done enough kryptoblogging in the last week and anyone with half a shred of an attention span knows what is going on. i thought i was being more subtle but i guess not.
tomorrow morning i am going to see what it’s like to take the bus back home in north vancouver with two backpacks and a heavy record bag. good night. lots of lugging to do.

instant gratification.. not

since i started work at 7:45 AM this morning in Victoria (i work here today), i have a few spare moments to make a post. aww, look at the sweet words heather gave me on her blog:
“of course, the best part was meeting davin. he’s just as lovely as everyone i’ve ever read says he is. now i know why it seems the entire city of Victoria is in love with him. then again, how could i not be impressed when he managed to make a photo of me which i’m not too embarrassed about?”
thanks for the kind words heather. it’ll be great to have a photo-buddy in north vancouver!
yeah, i know, lack of pictures. you’ll have to deal with my rambling for now. starting work at 7:45 means i am off work at 3:45 today. cool or what. i also have a work-related dinner/photoshoot at a client’s restaurant as well, so there is more time in there. maybe that means i can finish work earlier than 3:45. we’ll see what needs doing. i also managed to schedule a doc’s appt. in this morning, which is great since this is the only day i am here that the doc’s office is open. thanx for fitting me in, grand ole’ doc.
i went to bed at 11ish last night. very unusual for me but lately my dreams have been fantastic so it’s the perfect excuse to hit the hay early. and then i woke up this morning at 6:20 ready to go for the day. breakfast and everything. wicked.
tara is in town (vancouver) this week so we’re gonna hang out. i love hanging out with her; she’s like a sister to me. seperated at .. childhood. yeah. she’s versed in homestarrunner so that makes her extra-great. she’s studying law at dalhousie in halifax and i suspect this is reading break over there. she’s a very diligent student so that must be what it is. anyways, this is enough for now, i am going to do some tidying here.
notice how good i am at not talking about what’s really on my mind.