staying in kitsilano tonight

i’m over at my aunt and uncle and cousin’s place in kits. we had dinner and then played with this space arena game controller for the PS2. it requires and comes with strapped sensors on your wrists and ankles and a floor pad similar to that of the dance-dance-revolution type. it’s a neat concept but still a bit buggy as we found out whilst playing Def Jam’s Battle for New York.
and the next game..
Street Fighter was fun but the special moves which are so important take on a whole new level of difficulty when your jumping and twisting your legs instead of rolling your thumb across 3 sensors and pressing two other buttons. (makes the traditional hand controller combos seem really easy!).
me and tara just rented “saved” and we are about to watch it. we also bought some chocolate by accident. i mean, yeah. mmm, kit kat.
big day tomorrow.. i am going to get to the movie now!

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