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  1. Leave a little bit of beer in a glass overnight. Most will drown. In the morning, carefully put something on top of the glass to trap them. You can let them suffer in the glass or release them outside where they will die a quick death b/c it’s so cold out and they like to be warm.

  2. You have hardly been there long enough to have those lil critters. Something is rotting somewhere, with bags of potatoes on the top of the list of places to examine carefully. Apples are another. Nuke them! hehe

  3. they come in with the fruit and they are a bitch to get rid of. if you leave the house open all the windows and make it cold inside so they die. or eat the fruit and don’t leave ANYTHING out for a day or two.

  4. If they’re still there after a couple of days, call Thor and I. We’ve got a patented method of getting those little bastards, and it improves your hand-eye coordination!

  5. At least you don’t have the fruit flies we do. The lab down the hall uses them as a model for Salmonella infection (they infect the little buggers). The problem is, when we get fruit flies at our lunch table, we are never sure if they are going to land on our food and give us food poisoning, because WE KNOW THAT SOME HAVE ESCAPED FROM THE LAB DOWN THE HALL.
    we made them install a blue bugzapper, but I dont’ think it’s helped.

  6. i’ve got the same prob -only they’re in my bathroom!! and i have no idea why. i have a jar with wine in it covered with wax paper. i seem to kill more by catching them in the jar and squishing them or shaking the jar.
    oh and you can’t nuke/microwave them they’re too small. seriously -i’ve seen it.

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