instant gratification.. not

since i started work at 7:45 AM this morning in Victoria (i work here today), i have a few spare moments to make a post. aww, look at the sweet words heather gave me on her blog:
“of course, the best part was meeting davin. he’s just as lovely as everyone i’ve ever read says he is. now i know why it seems the entire city of Victoria is in love with him. then again, how could i not be impressed when he managed to make a photo of me which i’m not too embarrassed about?”
thanks for the kind words heather. it’ll be great to have a photo-buddy in north vancouver!
yeah, i know, lack of pictures. you’ll have to deal with my rambling for now. starting work at 7:45 means i am off work at 3:45 today. cool or what. i also have a work-related dinner/photoshoot at a client’s restaurant as well, so there is more time in there. maybe that means i can finish work earlier than 3:45. we’ll see what needs doing. i also managed to schedule a doc’s appt. in this morning, which is great since this is the only day i am here that the doc’s office is open. thanx for fitting me in, grand ole’ doc.
i went to bed at 11ish last night. very unusual for me but lately my dreams have been fantastic so it’s the perfect excuse to hit the hay early. and then i woke up this morning at 6:20 ready to go for the day. breakfast and everything. wicked.
tara is in town (vancouver) this week so we’re gonna hang out. i love hanging out with her; she’s like a sister to me. seperated at .. childhood. yeah. she’s versed in homestarrunner so that makes her extra-great. she’s studying law at dalhousie in halifax and i suspect this is reading break over there. she’s a very diligent student so that must be what it is. anyways, this is enough for now, i am going to do some tidying here.
notice how good i am at not talking about what’s really on my mind.

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  1. well it really depends what was on your mind, because otherwise how do we know if you didn’t talk about it?

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