nerd cards

it’s been a pretty full weekend.
friday night was grood. first, dinner and drinks with adrian and gurton and ria and leah, and then the radio show. we did some randomized resonance! we had a rather excellent drum and bass dj named jesse [corrupta] on, and then we previewed my new CD [the rush] afterwards, and got a few phone calls of approval. [thanks!]
me and adam played magic while the rush was playing, and then we dragged leah with us to denny’s afterwards for eats and more magic. we got questions at about 3:30 AM from the table of drunkard 30somethings behind us as to what we were doing with these cards. then, about half an hour later, one of the brave girls got up and came over to us and proclaimed “i know what these are, we call these nerd cards!” considering she only had about a decade to come up with that, we were appropriately humbled by her wit. nerd cards! hahahahaha! i think she left after we started laughing, but i am not totally certain.
i retired around 5 AM and that was that. night well spent.
saturday, myself, charles and jenlucy went to the sooke potholes. rather, we tried to. but the parking lot and the road were full, and the gate was locked. what?! yeah, there used to be this booth that was open there that would take a bit of cash from you — in exchange, you could drive up along the river and eliminate an hour long uphill walk. they don’t do this anymore. so, we went to kemp lake. it was nice and relaxing. charles noticed a nice spacialized reverb happening on certain frequencies and so we started making noise with the bottles we had with us, blowing on them with different amounts of liquid in them. we made a lot of noise, and got in trouble. getting in trouble is awesome. it’s a good thing we did get in trouble, because if we didn’t, we probably would have spent a lot more time doing what we did. which didn’t really sound that great, but it was damn fun. word.
saturday night, i went to see F911 and felt like i had jumped through a hoop with myself mentally. i had to see it. i didn’t feel particularly enlightened afterwards, as i pay a fair bit of attention to politics and things on-going these days — but i realize the application of this film is enormous in swaying the US election that is to happen this year. good riddance, bush — please. the film was good. i wont give anything away if you haven’t seen it yet. just go see it, okay?
after that, i headed to daveyb’s place to hang out. there i met amber and pictures were taken. eggs were thrown. muffins were made, muffins were eaten. mmmmmm. saturday night live totally sucks these days. sorry, but it does.
today me and ria went to meet up with adrian at moxies on yates. lovely brunch. adrian went to milestones for drinks and me and ria attempted the sooke potholes. this time there was parking. the weather was not as good as it was yesterday, but it was still very warm and the sun peaked out every now and then. we did the hour hike up to The Spot and went for a swim.

i drove back into the city, dropped off ria, and picked up my tennis racquet to hit it the ball around with jay. that was really quite satisfying, and we’re plotting to enter a doubles tournement. we both have tennis medals from when we were teenagers, but we want new ones!
i DJ’d tonight at hush. it was half breaks, half prog for me. there were not too many people there, but eventually everyone had a go at the dancefloor, with everyone on it for the last bit. i was complimented by a few people, but the biggest compliment came from Brent Carmichael who said to me that he not only liked it, but he loved it, and he said it was the best set he has ever heard from a DJ who plays the kind of stuff that i do. and there is a bunch, and he has heard a lot. so, that meant a bunch to me. even cooler is that it was all spur of the moment mixing, and it went smoothly. i dropped two AFK remixes.. the Nine Inch Nails remix and the Formulate remix. good times. they went over very favourably. the NIN remix always gets a few comments..
sleep very soon. monday begins now.

resonance: corrupta & ariz0na

Featured Track:

  • Blue Haze – Regaining Consciousness (White Label)

Featured Mix: Corrupta

  • Spy Technologies – Switchblade Sisters (DSCIZ)
  • Sinthetix – Gateway (No U Turns Records)
  • Loxy B Ink – Deceipt (Cylon)
  • Zero Tolerance – Greedy Guts (Subtitles Music)
  • Pendulum – Voyager (Breakbeat Kaos)
  • Matrix and Danny J – Vertigo (M)
  • Unknown – Spiral (Uprising Records)
  • Resonant Evil – Troubleshoot (Trouble on Vinyl)
  • Ramilson Maia – Busca da Vida (Groove)
  • Technical Itch – Reborn [Weapon remix] (White Label)
  • Dom and Roland – Imagination [Kemal and Rob Data remix] (Shadow)
  • Fresh – Big Love (RAM)
  • Kaos and Karl K and Jae Kennedy – Studio 54 (HUMAN)
  • Concord Dawn – Don’t Tell Me (Timeless Recordings)
  • Dkay and Rawfull – Shadow Play (Commercial Suicide)
  • Concord Dawn – Morning Light [Klute remix] (Timeless Recordings)

Featured mix – ariz0na – the rush

  • Fitalic – Realistic (Vapour)
  • Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly [Madoka’s Flying Standby remix] (Deep)
  • James Holden – Solstice (Silver Planet)
  • Pat Foosheen – The Unthinkable (Institution)
  • Steve May – Open Day [Luke Chable remix] (EQ Grey)
  • Planisphere – Cubed (Green Martian)
  • AFK – Dreamcache [Original mix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • DJ Gordon – Moonshine Boogie [Ocean Wave remix] (Rhythm Syndicate)
  • AFK – Magnetic [Original mix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Art of Noise via Brothers in Rhythm – Dreaming [Color Red] (White Label)
  • Invisible Inc. – Stars [Ambient mix] (Sumsonic)

entry 700

taken wednesday evening from mt. tolmie. huge sunset, lightning overhead at the time..
happy birthday to anand, and of course to neil whose birthday was 6 days ago.
listeners of resonance will be amonst the first to hear “the rush” tonight from about 1:40 AM – 3:00 AM on 101.9 FM.

a true spectacle

wow. tonight was insanely fun for picture taking with denis, james, sheena and charles. i’ll have to post the pictures tomorrow because i have obviously run out of time tonight! ah well. did i mention my brother anand (other half of tiebreaker) is over right now? he’s been over since saturday. it’s so weird, my family misses him in the oddest way. when he’s over i feel different, so does my whole family i think. he’s the weird chaotic element that is missing from my life and is poorly emulated by people on TV.
anyways, denis put on a bit of a show the last two nights, look for pictures later Wednesday evening, as well as an announcement about an upcoming fundraiser that will be goodtimes guaranteed ++!
i need to get the resonance site back up. why is it so low on my priority list right now? wacko. it feels like so much is happening right now. i feel like i am learning a lot, and i am taking it home with me and doing homework. it feels like i am in school.. it’s so weird. i think working from home yesterday and doing the procrastination maneouvres helped make it that way. it feels oddly refreshing though. i mean, i got the work done, and i feel like i can get a tonne more work done at home now. it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.
tonight i plotted with justin on IRC, talked to charles, justin from shiloh, jim from extrametrical and ken spector from a radio station in LA on MSN and i gotta sleep. what else, what else. i could keep going. i shouldn’t. i’m going to drop to my bed before i drop any more names.. heheh.
thank you to all who gave their opinion on the previous post. it was nice to see what everone’s take on it was! i usually keep DJ talk to a minimum but i am glad i sort of threw that policy out the window. it’s a pretty neat subject!
i should’ve eaten dinner tonight. i forgot to schedule it in.

the rush

what an odd weekend. not exactly what i wanted, but got lots out of it as i usually do with my spare time. i thought a bit about it today and came to the conclusion that i am good at doing a lot of things, but i have neglected promoting those things to a large extent. you may be like “what?! you’re always all about the BSP.” well, yes and no. there is more i could be doing. i mean, where is the AFK banner, the dj ariz0na banner, the rave victoria banner, the resonance radio banner, the pacific front banner, the blog victoria banner, the islandkidz banner etc etc etc? yeah, ok. some of these things don’t need promoting but i should probably be making a “current projects” page on for all this stuff.
woah. i mean, that is it. it was a rush making this latest CD. mp3’s will be poppin’ up soon. i made this CD happen in a matter of 3 days.
i’ll reveal the tracklisting at the same time. i didn’t even come up with a name with it by the time i realized i had finished it. i was talking to jim on msn and he suggested “rush” without even having heard it .. and it is a perfect name for the CD. when you hear it, you will know.
i think it’s worth noting that sasha said a couple weeks ago that he’s giving up the vinyl and turntables in favour of playing off his laptop — sasha is going all digital. he made reference to the fact that DJing is really all about the content, so the medium is really not that important. however, playing off of his laptop is going to enable him to do some extra cool tricks that would be impossible with records, so this is a major step forward. i have long thought that vinyl was more of a fashion statement than any remarkable use of technology, and it is interesting to see how the underground industry is turning. have a look at this interview with andy jarrod, head honcho of 3 Beat Record Label Management Group, one of the worlds largest and most successful underground music businesses.
this was a case i was making for mp3’s in 1998. 6 years later, it is actually happening.
that being said, “the rush” is my first straight up computer mix, complete with special effects and impossible mixes. and yes, it does sound better than ever. mixing vinyl is good for live performances because it is quite tactile. the advantages end there. mixing on the computer, you can resequence mixes, keymatch, reverse cue, etc etc. for each track, you can have individual compressors, filters, shelf EQ’s, reverb, bitcrush, echo, delays, etc etc. and VST plugin effects.
…and you can synchronize it with your music making software to actual LIVE PA work in the middle of a DJ set. seamlessly. more thought, more action, more control, better results.
the digital age is definitely upon us.
in order to use tracks off of vinyl, one must record them at 0% pitch to the computer. to save time, whatever tracks i had on vinyl and mp3, i simply converted them to .AIFF format (same as WAV format, except mac based). there are catches. here are the disadvantages to using a track off of vinyl:

  • almost all record players have sliding pitch rates. yes, even the invincible technics 1200 turntables. and that means that if you correct the speed of the track on the computer, it’ll be spot-on at the beginning, but not neccessarily at the end. headache-inducing, almost useless.
  • bad pressings also lead to pitch changes, detail loss, warps, even skipping.
  • vinyl collects dust. you may like that, but i’d rather have crystal clear hi-end that does not deteriorate or sound washed out after many plays. good music gets played a lot. this is a problem.

at this point, i wish that every vinyl release would come as a CDM as well — avoiding the vinyl at every possible stage would be the best thing in the world for the digital DJ.
i’ll always have records, just ’cause they’re fun, and a fashion statement, just like i’ll always have cool shirts. it’s part of the culture, and a big symbol of the culture as well.
learning this new software though .. and seeing the possibilities .. was a real rush.

resonance: graham davis and antiguru

Featured tracks:

Featured Mix: Graham Davis

  • SW – Sweet Lullabies [Collective Sound Members remix] (After Midnight)
  • Morgan Page and Gregory Shiff – All I Know (Bedrock)
  • Sub Rosa – Some Changes [Hardsoul remix] (Essence)
  • Members Only – Sweet (JTM)
  • Ananda Project – Can You Find The Heart [Rob Rives remix] (Nite Grooves)
  • Milk & D 1/7 – DIY (DIY Discs)
  • Ben Watt – A Stronger Man (Buzzin’ Fly)
  • Praful – Corpo Suado (White Label)
  • Unknown – Daft Michael (White Label)
  • Fuf and Goz – Coffee 2 Go (Kinky Vinyl)
  • The Beard Presents Deep Expressions – Someday [Shadow Dub] (Inspirit)
  • Q-Burns Abstract Message – Innocent [Joey Negro remix] (NRK)

Featured Mix: Antiguru

  • Susumu Yokota and Rothko – Distant Sound of Summer (Mute)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen – Receive Tactical Support (WARP)
  • Crown Publishers – Go! (Crown Publishers)
  • Cut Copy – Rendezvous (Cut Copy)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen – Tiny Reminder [Vocal] (WARP)
  • The Clifford Gilberto – Rhythm Combination – Kuia World and A Different Forrest (Ninja Tune)
  • Unknown – Unknown (White Label)
  • Fog – Moon Repellant (Vital)
  • Modeselektor – We Do It Too (Bpitch Control)
  • Unknown – Unknown (White Label)
  • Cut Copy – I Was Young and Needed the Money (Rex Records)
  • Nicholas Wanderumgen – The Cruise (20000 street)
  • Susumu Yokoya and Rothko – Distant Sounds of Summer (Mute)
  • Pasha – One Kiss [Fos mix] (V2)
  • Nicholas Wanderumgen – Silvering (20000 street)
  • Super Collider – Messagecomin (Rise Robots Rise)
  • The Clifford Gilberto – Rhythm Combination -Deliver the Weird (Ninja Tune)
  • Cut Copy – Live (Rex Records)

pacific front recordings

tonight, after several months of hard work and preparation, myself and justin are going to launch the website for our online music label — look for it to go live between 8:30 and 9:30 PM PST tonight, and we’re also going to announce which track is going to come out first at that time. the talented photographer who took that shot is none other than mr. extrametrical!
woohoo!! tonight on the radio: graham davis and antiguru. midnight, 101.9 FM until 3 AM. perhaps a guest host as well from RGM days past.. we’ll see! good times, good times.

huuuuuuuuge weekend

well, what did i not do this weekend? heh. aww yeah. what a weekend indeed. friday was davinday. july 2nd of every year from now on will be davin day, which is not my birthday, but rather a day i will save up time for and take the day off from work just so i can do exactly what it is that i want to do. mind you, work is close to being that already! however, this was a super healthy weekend for me and i enjoyed it immensely. canaday, music making, radio, picture taking, coffeeing, tennising, partying, plotting, driving, fundraising, etc etc.
it is a bit too breezy to hit up the sooke potholes action today so i’ll save it for next weekend. instead, i will post a zillion pictures!

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