ahhh, my neck

well, i went to the doc yesterday, and he went through the same thing as me. he says cooling the neck, and general movement will help. that means less time on the computer [yep] and more time walking and such. oh, and he said to go for a massage.
i have never gone for a massage before. i always figured they were mostly useless, my muscles are great and perfect and who needs a massage!? well, this time i needed a massage. so, as paul commented two entries ago, sandra works on wednesdays at Vitality in oak bay. i hooked up an appointment this morning for the afternoon and went.
that woman has strong hands. sandra spent a little extra time and gave me a great massage and, though i don’t feel perfect again [i wouldn’t expect that with a pain coming from INSIDE my neck], i do feel a lot better, and more relaxed. and she also gave me a few excercises to do, as she has encountered what i was going through many times before. so, thank you sandra! i know that you don’t read this blog much but i do know your husband paul does, so please pass on that sandra made my week. sandra is the awesome.

owww my neck

my neck has been hurting real bad for the last 24 hours. some have suggested seeing the doctor, some have suggested seeing a chiropractor, but i want to try out acupuncture. it took 15 minutes to put my seatbelt on yesterday. i almost pulled over 4 times on the way home from work out of sheer pain. i made it into my haus and sat down on the couch for 4 hours and i couldn’t move. icing it helped, and sleeping relaxed the muscles. i think it is a pinched nerve, or something. if i turn my head the wrong way, it is very very painful, and so my neck tenses up as i don’t want to move the wrong way, and then the tenseness puts extra pressure on my neck and it gets worse. so sleep was good because i got to relax. i’ve had pain in my neck after sleeping the wrong way before but this is in a completely different league…

so long SPEC

last SPEC party
there’s so much to say about SPEC that i feel like i could write a book on it. there would be different chapters with titles that read like “the underground was shaken upside down and look what came out,” “why didn’t he book me?” “this is an awesome place for photography,” “woah he booked me,” “creating a culture,” “understanding the groove,” and many more.
jimi fritz put together over 20 parties in a day and age when such things were considered to be impossible. how did he do it? there would be a chapter on that as well.. the logistics are not that interesting. it is the subtleties that made it work — from the special cards, to the email list, sparklers, SPEC interpretation, word of mouth, rave at a church, and not getting busted!
so this was it. 2.5 years and the secret society was to breath its last breaths on saturday.
this party was amazing. i don’t know how many people were there. i think about 500 would be accurate. a lot of happy people, enjoying the moment and celebrating what has been. 10 hours, 10 DJ’s, each playing an hour. somehow i predicted i would arrive during yoseff’s set during the ch00n “fixation,” which i did. 3:20 AM ish.
it was extra special being the last spec DJ. i played from 6 – 8 AM, double of what i was expecting to play.. an hour set would’ve been too short. i think probably my fav. part of that was playing the Junkie XL produced mashup of Underworld’s “Cowgirl” and Sasha’s “Xpander” .. there’s something about yelling out “I’M INVISIBLE!!” and then dancing like the mad nutter that you are with a bunch of your good friends.
well then, here are some pictures of the show. this may take a while to load.. there’s about 30 pictures in here. i will be posting a gallery of all the SPEC shots together in the future called retroSPECt or something silly like that. enjoy the shots! what a fabulous night.

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resonance: yoseff and joshua

featured tracks:

  • Formulate – Voice of Qi [Original Mix] (Pacific Front)
  • Formulate – Rising Edge [AFK remix] (Pacific Front)

featured mix: Yoseff – Eyedentify Set

  • Arrakis – Acidstuck (Tracid Traxxx)
  • Overtone – Soulstatic [Part One] (Camouflage)
  • Andy Ling – Fixation (Fluid)
  • Moogwai – A Night Out (Platipus)
  • Marc Rembrandt – Mind [Ravebase mix] (Logic Records)
  • Mauro Picotto – Lizard [Picotto mix] (Nukleuz)
  • Re-Move – Justify [Club mix] (Time Unlimited)
  • Mass In Orbit – Fear [T.B.A. mix] (MASSIVE)
  • Nick Base – You [Nick Base by Marc O’Tool mix] (Poison Records)
  • Arrakis – Aira Force [Main mix] (Fluid)
  • Agnelli & Nelson – El Nino [Matt Darey remix] (Xtravaganza)

featured mix: Joshua

  • Chris Salt feat. Katie – Distorted Reality (Silver Planet)
  • Casa Flava – Eterna (Plastic Fantastic)
  • Kingkade – Virgin Maize [Rhythm Code remix] (Minimal Records)
  • The Greek feat. Stephanie Vezina – Alive [G-Pal Funky Dub] (Shinichi)
  • Aquaculture – Planic Stations (Forensic Records)
  • PJ Davy & Danny Graham – Blind Exit (EQ Grey LTD)
  • Dan Morris and Shylock – Bahdatu [Chris Fortier and Kolo edit] (Fade)
  • Shiloh – Latex (Method)
  • Kingkade – Virgin Maize [Original remix] (Minimal Records)
  • Andy Ling – Calling Angels [Hamel and Lacy 97 mix] (Fluid Sessions)
  • Tocharian – Nova Scotia (Intrinsic)
  • Stel and Good Newz – Particle (Audiotherapy)
  • Kolo – Fortune (Scuba Records)

shadow bouquet

i shot this in the same place as the pink flower .. about 3 minutes before. in a small forest, on a sunny day.. the shadows from branches and leaves framed this.
probably of interest to a few people.. tonight on resonance (friday nights, midnight – 3 AM on 101.9 FM).. yoseff and freya. the tracklisting will appear on its surrogate home [this space here] once again.

the public eye

seeing as how the weekend begins in 5 hours (!!!!!!!!!!), and almost everyone i know will be doing something SPECial this weekend.. i thought i better get this out now.
monday is the federal election. do you know your stuff? i don’t want to get into any crap like democratic duty, but if you don’t vote, do you think you have a right to complain about the government we are stuck with later? yes, there is not much to vote for — more to vote against — but it is time for us to make a choice. so get out there and make your decision on monday.
on that note, i want to make a recommendation to the folks that read this site to check out a local and excellent website called the public eye:
most, if not all the posts are by local Victoriaite Sean Holman, and — occassionally — you can hear him on the radio (www.cfax1070.com – 1070 on your AM dial) with david schreck and joe easingwood, who has had all the local politicians on the show (including the green party), all at once no less.
for someone like me who ordinarily finds politics quite dry and boring, these guys do a great job in bringing the goods to the table. they are easy to understand, very informed, and actually entertaining all at once. they are not boring, stuffed up, double-talking old men, like we see in the debates.
are you informed?

something to say

i was just thinking about how i had nothing in particular i wanted to say on here. and then i decided that it was the perfect time for me to sit down in front of the “blank screen” and start typing. what is it that scares people, myself included, about having nothing on a blank canvas? the only way to fail a blank canvas is to do nothing with it. (everybody’s already drawn the invisible castle, sorry.)
anyway, something cool:
me and jim were shootin’ the breeze Saturday night in Duncan before heading ultimately to that outdoor gathering in the Cowichan area that i posted pictures of. we were talking about caffeine, and in particular, how much too much is. it followed these lines, sorta roughly:
well, like most things you ingest, there is a formula when it comes to impact. i am not going to draw it out for you, because html sucks when it comes to drawing formulas. basically, the faster you drink all the coffee, for instance, all at once, the more it’s going to hit you. it’ll drive you past the critical mass of caffeine into that shakey sort of “i can’t think of anything because i am thinking of 20 things at once!” feeling, which is not useful. flying really high. and then, you crash. hard. and for a long period of time, you are stuck in the crater, the hole from your impact.
the alternative to this is to drink it ocassionally, in smaller doses over a longer period of time. yeah, now i know coffee is bad. coffee is really bad for your stomache. your stomache hates coffee. hates. but if you must drink coffee to take advantage of the creative buzz that it offers, this is probably going to be the most useful method that you can employ. spread it over time, and when you come down, it’ll be no different than you felt before you drank the stuff. it’ll be a smooth landing. a groove, if you will.
and that’s when i blurted out “don’t dig a hole, dig a groove.”
awww yeah.
this post was inspired by a friend, blank screen, and no caffeine.

thank you denis

what a perfect little party. everything you want it to be, nothing that you don’t. what, 30 people showed up.. perfect. only those who wanted to be there were there. not a straggler to be seen, not a scenester in the place. it cost denis $50 plus time to put on the show and it stands as one of my fav’s.
danny opened the dj sets for the night, playing some sick breaks .. really quite good. after danny, for me, djing was super enjoyable.. i got to playing breaks, downtempo-ish halftime breaks, and four on the floor into tech-trance and prog. everything i wanted. charles whooped everyone with some supreme techno — really fun to dance to, and an adrenaline rush to listen to. teddy followed up nicely with some fun faster paced house and breaks. i spent some time taking pix with jim and james. iso400, folks.
the weather tonight is the kind you tell everyone in the world about when you describe how great the summers here are. starry skies, warm breeze, and a t-shirt is enough to keep you warm. we left at around 3:15 a.m. and here i am 2.25 hours later posting pictures. sleep time now.. enjoy sunday day time everyone, i’ll be sleeping ’til i wake up.
good night.