raving legends

here is a picture (from last night) of nigel tasko, melixxxa, peter beatty and damien norris. this is, more or less, noble house and the alien mental association. they were responsible for a whole slew of great underground massives on the west coast, having brought in such DJ’s as Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Paul […]

something different

so here you go, something different. everyone posts pictures of themselves when they’re happy and feeling great. here is one of me and matt when we’re feeling spent from .. i can’t remember what. this is a picture from december. i recently joined an online community as a newbie. i have not been a newbie […]

it’s too nice out

the radio show was a sketchfest last night, even though it was fun, mostly on-time etc. i think i played a total of 7 records, which when you consider the amount of time i put into putting together records and music, it’s pathetic. i played charles paul’s new “chompers mercy kill” remix of magnetic last […]


hey here ya go. this is something we can all participate in! basically what you do is.. post a comment with a memory of me in it, and then post a similar post on your blog. leave a link to your blog in your comment, and i’ll reciprocate if you make a similar post on […]


fading now holding out the innocent way lucks run out left this hole inside of me crying out screaming down cause it echos within the cat is out no more secrets left to keep the feeling is gone we’ve swallowed the sun one by one the moment has come the feeling is gone we’ve swallowed […]

rane empath

so i decided to buy the mixer i have been renting for the last 5 months. it feels good because i applied my rental payments to buying it. it’s a solid piece of machinery with interchangable parts. it’s relatively simple, has no effects, but it really sounds great and fundamentally is superior to most mixers. […]

princess jessica

i was waiting for a reason to post this picture of jessica. well, now she’s given me a reason.. jessi’s starting writing again, and i have to say she’s one the best writers i have ever read. take a look. so visual. i feel like i am reading a book when i read her writing. […]