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so i decided to buy the mixer i have been renting for the last 5 months. it feels good because i applied my rental payments to buying it. it’s a solid piece of machinery with interchangable parts. it’s relatively simple, has no effects, but it really sounds great and fundamentally is superior to most mixers. it’s been about 6 years with that Radio Shack special so this really is a quality piece. i need a second video card for my extra monitor that craig graciously donated (minus $20) to the AFK cause.

speaking of which..

my collaboration with charles is awesome, but we need to revisit the track since it’s been weeks since we worked on it. it’d be nice to finish it and get it out the door and then work on a new collaboration that we talked about today. it involves one other person — a 3 person production team. i think if we’re smart about planning it and divvy up the work properly it could be really be super awesome.

i ran the pacific front concept past jordan today and he loves it. that’s good because we love it too. he gave me some more ideas for logos, something which myself, braeden and justin have been batting around for the last few days.

pictures from resonance: year one are now online and appear to be pretty popular since i posted them yesterday. over 500 views of the gallery in under 24 hours. rad.

i am doing more work on prominence, a track that anand originally wrote the melody and droning synth for a year and a half ago. i’ve done a bassline, percussion, and other bits. it needs some more transitions and elements but it’s a solid framework for now. chrissie is contemplating doing vocals for it. we’re not sure if it’s the right track for vocals but we’ll see!

i am giving dreamcache some polishing touches and i am really happy with what i have done to it. there is serious stereo field action now. yes!

i haven’t heard anything back from anyone other than chris fortier on magnetic. i am seriously giving thought to taking it off the market and putting it up as part of Pacific Front’s release schedule. the coming weeks will be determine its path.

that’s all for now

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