hey here ya go. this is something we can all participate in!
basically what you do is.. post a comment with a memory of me in it, and then post a similar post on your blog. leave a link to your blog in your comment, and i’ll reciprocate if you make a similar post on your blog! how about that? eeeasy! come on, you must remember one thing about me.
you can participate even if you dont have a blog. just leave some sort of memory of me in the comments section.
idea borrowed from the geekgirl.

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  1. hmm. so many memories. i’d have to say that one of the ones that stands out most in my mind is driving home from that all night dance party in duncan. the one where it had snowed, and it was still snowing, and it was too early for the ploughs to have come but we drove down the malahat in the green machine anyways. that was an awesome night.

  2. oh man.
    that was so crazy. that reminds me ..
    we skidded for like 30 feet.
    nigel awoke from the back and announced “if you’re going to kill us all, davin, please don’t wake me up, i am really tired.”
    lol.. funny, and scary at the same time!

  3. I remember you at debauch numero one-at around 5 am and you playing that wikkid set and me totally fucked up and going off to it behind the!!

  4. I remember when we were all shaving our heads at your house and your brother’s friend with huge manky hair let us shave his too. Remember how nasty his hair was? Too funny!

  5. i remember the mahssive at the taur’s place in feb of 2002, i think. it was just after sunrise, we’d pulled the blankets off the windows, g0rd was spinning early morning house and we were all severiously sketching out on cushions and chairs and whatever soft we could find. it’s a hugely vivid picture, let me try to paint it.
    the line up: neofunkcian (sp?), bedlam, elusion, ariz0na, emit, g0rd. decks set up on the beautiful old piano, black light, string art, disco ball, rich’s very first time in the raverly way (“oh my god, this is so fantastic. i love you chrissie! i love you davin! i love you jim! i love you everybody! oh my god, i’m in love with everybody and everything! oh my god, i never knew it was like this! oh my god this is so fantastic! – repeat as neccessary), me in a feather boa, super loud relentless waves of sound for hour after hour, tim playing confusing hard house, craig playing to an empty living room, liam pulling is precious ortofons from their velvet boxes, trying to find a studio monitor at 11pm on a saturday night, being all sketched out and trying to get the furniture all back in exactly the right place the next morning.
    my most distinct morning memory is of when you were making shadow movies on the wall in the light of the rising sun. that’s when we noticed krishen had fallen asleep in one of the ornate chairs and had a absolutely enormous glob of drool dangling out of his mouth inching ever closer to his shirt. we all had a great laugh at krishen’s expense and then you disappeared, reappearing a moment later with a handful of tissue. you gently wiped the drool from krishen’s face, preserving his dignity and never disturbing his dreams. that was the moment i discovered you have a beautiful soul.
    okay, one more: the night a couple of years ago no, back when i used to get those headaches and i’d had to take six times the prescribed dose of morphine before it went away, and then i was scared to go to sleep because i was pretty sure i’d never wake up again. i told you about it on icq, you came in the taurus and got me and we drove around the peninsula the whole night talking and listening to music, then watched the sunrise from clover point.

  6. I remember talking with u and shannon christmas eve 1999, seeing your new “tropical blue” walls in that teeny basement room in Union House and the dope stoplight (do you still have that?)
    Do you remember that time we had the long conversation with Ishkur (Kent) about Noam was the time he was staying over because we were all going to Cream (john digweed rocks!)? I remember that weekend well…it was my first huge rave if I remember correctly.
    Many memories since then have involved you in dj mode…a few outdoor parties in Cowichan, as well as SPECial invitations (keep them coming! 🙂 ).
    Sure have come a long way from house parties and basement rumblings at Union House, you terrific DJ you!

  7. my bestest memory of you would certainly have to be walking past ‘bucks and grabbing my boyfriend and saying ‘that’s… that’s… Davin!!!’ and then having to pretend I was tying my shoelace so I would stop staring at you. It was so … weird… actually seeing you in 3D, all alive and really real. And it was fun trying to explain to my b/f what a blog was and how I knew you without knowing you! very fun. really neat too!

  8. Memory of Davin. Oh man. Where to start. I remember you mouthing off to Mr. Hallman in grade five, and you’d be wearing those black sweatpants with your oversize glasses. You had that desk with the dark brown top … you were the envy of all the boys and the secret desire of all the girls.

  9. The night you came over because you got your new camera and we went driving around looking for cool pictures — having coffee in Timmy Ho’s, exploring that crazy underground parking lot, and running away from that grunting beast behind that fence down the road. That was a rad night. Soup deal!

  10. A party similar to (or possibly even the same one!) as jim’s memory. Me feeling a bit out of place, but flattered to be invited. A great conversation while waiting for the cab, and a fun evening all around.

  11. my first party ever, you were one of four infamous Djs that pezguy had to introduce me to. I remember chasing you around the rest of the night hoping you would take my picture with whichever beautiful person I had in tow.
    While I haven’t had many opportunities to interact with you outside of music and light situations, I enjoy you tremendously. You are talented and insightful with just the right amount of ‘what the h%** is he talking about’ sense of humour.
    Cheers to you Mr ‘z0na

  12. The times hanging out with you and charles and richard down at QV’s were seriously some awesome times, I doubt I’ll ever forget the raw force of nature which is phantom power (especially combined with the kurzweil).

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