2002 was good

i’m going to talk a little about tonight and some more about 2002. but first, tonight:
i must have spent at least half an hour typing ‘dooooooooooood!!’ on ICQ to jemma and mr. mischiff.
tonight myself and ria went to south bay pub and restaurant. i have wanted to go there for some time .. i figured it was some hokey dive because of its radio advertising campaign. their ads have someone with a really bad fake jamaican accent saying “come to south bay mon!” realllllllly cheesy.. but the advertisement had mentioned cheap chicken wings. my interest was piqued.
so we got there. it’s in the jutland area, the new office building wharf (for lack of a better word) on the gorge. i used to work for the ministry of forests in the same complex in 1996. it wasn’t finished then.. i guess it’s been 6 years. things change. it’s done.
we park, we arrive.
we were greeted by:

and so we did. it was pretty busy in there and it appeared that they were severely understaffed on this night. there was only one waitress that i saw for about 30 people. anybody looking for a job? they should be hiring.. hehe. anyway, it’s pretty cool looking in there…

i am listening to dzihan and kamien’s “gran riserva” .. krishen gave it to me for christmas. it’s really awesome.. it would have fit south bay pub & restaurant a lot better than the john tesh they were playing. and the r&b was kind of depressing but pretty easy to tune out.

after some food, we went wandering around the gorge. i messed around with exposure times tonight with my canon and i was pleasantly surprised with some leet lighting. there is a walk way that follows the peninsula and then leads to a bridge over the gorge. we went on that path. it was pretty dark but you wouldn’t know it from some of these pictures..

that’s the bridge that crosses the gorge. the last time i was actually out there was about 8 years ago. the bridge at that time was a broken train trestle.. they have redone it into a really nice foot or bike bridge. i knew about this for several years now but i haven’t had a chance to check it out until tonight. it’s gorgeous out there.. in an ugly urban kind of way. which i quite like:

i’m going to refer to this area as jutland wharf until someone corrects me. it’s at the end of jutland, and it’s essentially a wharf on the end of a little peninsula. jut land wharf. okie dokie. this is the view from the bridge, although it didn’t really look like this. it looked pretty dark, but this is all about me fiddling around with my camera so lets say it looks this way for now.

the path on the other side of the bridge leads to one that goes underneath bay street bridge. it looks like the sky is blue .. krazy! we went underneath the bridge where some guy asked us for a lighter or matches. we said no. seperately. ria sung a song about having nothing at all, and i continued to walk. by the way, it was very chilly tonight .. but all was fine because of the gloves.

that’s just over the bay street bridge in vic west. they’re building it just across the road from save on foods, close to the water. man, this sure is cool looking. haha, i am such a photogeek.

so of course, we had to venture towards the bay street bridge and make the crossing. they say that if you walk on this road long enough, you will get to alzu’s from this point. and, conveniently, if you walk further on this road after alzu’s, you will arrive at the jubilee emergency room. do these city planners know me or what? i knew that, if i was to take a picture on this bridge, it would have to be a lot different than the one i’ve seen on jim‘s website many times before. jim doesn’t post it a lot, i just look at his pictures a lot. there is some distinction to be made there.

you can see many of victoria’s landmarks in this image. i think that, after a while, even those piles of dirt and gravel look like landmarks. haha. we walked up bay for a bit until we could find a road to walk up that was in the right direction, which happened to be left.

we arrived back on the wharf after walking through some of the industrial area. there is activity late at night there, of an industrial nature. pretty weird, we waved to some guy that booting around in a fork lift in what looked like a recycling warehaus. he waved back at us, looked totally confused, and then we disappeared. we assume he went back to work after this.

from the wharf you could see the area where the forklift guy was. well, you can’t really, all you can see are giant piles of garbage. he’s behind that, or to the left. something like that. what i really like about this picture is how one of the cranes appears to be cutting the light. neat. some windows users may not be able to see this. others .. may be able to.

on the wharf near the car, we spotted this weird thing here. i guess it’s supposed to be a plug or something. this image is my new desktop. this was shot at around 11:20 pm. it was dark. want to see how dark it actually was tonight? it is just so zope!
oh yes.. so 2002 for me:

  • i started writing music part time and remixing part time under the alias “AFK”
  • rgm went buh-bye for now

  • i recorded etheric link with yoseff, a pretty rockin’ CD.
  • i have turntables all of a sudden. i know how to spin, but i could never justify spending $1800 myself on decent turntables. thank you rgm.
  • talks with The Zone 91.3 started
  • i recorded stealth, a CD that had about 2 years of planning put into it. i still like it. that’s a good sign!
  • RGM presents “Experience” started up at 11 Stones, with myself, craig/bedlam and adrian/mischiff as the masterminds behind the operation.
  • myself and bedlam put out “experience: paradigm” as the first of series of mix CD’s we were going to put together to exclusively give away at the club
  • i turned 24
  • all was successful until, 3 months into growing and succeeding, the club had yet another fire. such bad timing.. listeners of the radio show had started to come out to the club to enjoy what they had been listening to for the previous 3 years..
  • i recorded elliptical orbit, which could very well be my favourite mix in terms of flow and all that. it featured my own AFK remixes of LSG’s “Netherworld” and Underworld’s “Pearls Girl.”
  • went all the way to campbell river to headline a conkrete concepts event. plenty of fun!
  • i finished all my courses
  • i graduated (this is somehow different than finishing all your courses) from college
  • anand graduated with his degree
  • krishen graduated with his double degree
  • neil graduated from highschool.
  • went on a great spur of the moment drive to seattle to visit liam
  • krishen moved to florida 🙁
  • i started a blog
  • me and yoseff started up chlorine once again!
  • i started working for bc hydro
  • i went and saw sasha and john digweed’s delta heavy tour in vancouver at the rage. 140,000 watts of sound. what more needs to be said about that? man.
  • i performed in plays for elementry school kids grades 1-3. i’ve had more fun only a few times. ever.
  • anand moved to north vancouver 🙁
  • i accepted a job in nanaimo working again for bc hydro
  • i bought a digital camera after spending the last year falling in love with photography from reading and watching jim & julie‘s sites.
  • chlorine ended again. we’ll be back!
  • i met a tonne of rad people. and i remember their names!
  • from most to least amount, people from the united states, canada, the united kingdom, netherlands, japan, portugal, australia, france, hungary, sweden, the czech republic, singapore, switzerland, denmark, new zealand, poland, austria, brazil, belgium, romania, korea (south), finland, israel, and germany have visited this site. there are more. those are the top visitors.
  • since september, 10217 unique visitors have visited this site to put 224342 hits on the server. hello there.

there is obviously much more. click on the months to the right to read about it. 🙂

2002 was good. 2003 will be gooder. see you all next year! i hope you have a massive nu year! noice one!!!!!! i said, noiiiiice!@#%(%^&


last night was pretty good times. first, i went for dinner with greg, nick, adrian and aaron at a restuarant on lower fort st. named Siam. it is a thai restaurant and had thai food. so that means we went for thai food last night.

i didn’t take a picture of it with my camera, but they served me a big plate of (i presume chicken) animal parts, half of which were useful for eating purposes. the other half, i’m not certain about. i wasn’t too happy about that but the dipping sauce was great and so was the rice that came with it. (bit of an inside joke there..)
for desert we all (except adrian) had deep fried banana with ice cream. this was so good. i have had deep fried banana-like fruits before, but never quite like this. they battered the banana and added sesame seeds to the fray. (i use that word because i read adrian’s blog before posting this. and i can’t think of anything else that really fits as well. plus it’s interesting to make reference to the fact that reading other peoples blogs can influence the way you write on your own. neat.)
so we went off the The Mill to hang out. considering i already want to work at this place, seeing their office didn’t help matters. it looks like the coolest place to work, with blow up giant animals hanging in the air and inflatable palm trees. (you can’t go wrong with me and palm trees.) we yapped for a while in the board room and spied on a less fortunate in the alley for a bit. we got bored of that when he started staring us in the eye. i think he saw straight into my soul and then got distracted by an apple he was eating. whew! that was a close one.
we watched one of michael moore’s films, “roger and me.” it was good, not as good as bowling for columbine. i guess at the time of the film being made, michael moore had a hard time understanding why multinational companies do stuff like what GM did in Flint. it just didn’t seem as meaningful as bowling for columbine. it just didn’t have a message, really. it told the story this way:

  1. a company shut down a plant
  2. a bunch of people lost their jobs
  3. a bunch of people got evicted
  4. a town suffers as it tries to stay afloat financially
  5. a person at the company who made the choice to shut down the plant and move operations to a place that would be more economical had no comment on the previous three items
  6. a movie ends

i feel like i really know the town of Flint now. don’t get me wrong, it was a great story. it seemed more targetted at the person (roger smith) who made the decision. sort of as if, if roger smith sees this, he’ll really see what happened to the town when GM moved out.
one of his GM advocates says during the movie (something like) “people say that GM took their opportunities away, that there’s less opportunity in Flint now. i say to those people that there’s just as much opportunity in the wonderful city of Flint as when GM first came to Flint.”
i disagree with that, simply based on a guess. there’s probably about 30,000 more people after GM left. i’m just guessing. something about people having kids, and their kids having kids .. i would not use the word opportunity without considering the implications of how many people are seeking those opportunities. what i mean is something like this: if there are 5 job openings and 5 unemployed people in Flint before the GM plant opened, those are some pretty good opportunities. if there are still 5 job openings and 3605 unemployed people after the GM plant closed, i would say that the opportunities are not as good. this guy was saying that they were.
no. there were not.
plus, if we’re speaking opportunities, we are speaking in economic terms. we also have to consider all the jobs that aren’t needed any more because the workers do not have money to spend. just for example, consider people in the service industry that are no longer receiving as many shifts, as many tips, etc. or any at all. anyway, he lost his job not long after saying that kind of stuff. one of the things i really like about michael moore’s investigative interviewing process is that after a while, he really leaves people to hang and dry. they pretty much do themselves in with comments that make you say to yourself, “oh boy! i don’t know if i would have said that!” reminds me of a certain Burger King [tm] drive through worker. but, that is another story for another time.
there are mill closures all over BC these days. and so if you want to see what kind of impact this stuff has on mill towns, roger and me will give you a pretty good idea. i’m glad i watched it.

it’s nice to see stuff like that. i am not sure who wrote it, or who it was to.. if anyone. i found it though, so i say it is to me.
well, thank you someone.
and now it’s to everyone reading this.

i ended up at hush later in the night. i hung out with yoseff, talked a bit to lindsay (on the right) and met a nice person named jolene (on the left.) for my last saturday in victoria for a while, it was a good night. 🙂
tonight i am headed to a potluck at mike and steve’s place. oops! i should get cookin’.

red snow camera geeking

taken last night in the highlands.

me, jim and krishen “went for coffee” last night at boston pizza. if you could only see the geekiness that we achieved, you would be amazed. or maybe not. i think this picture sums it up well. our waitress vanessa was fascinated by the cameras. i’ll post that picture some other time!

i am making a victoria blog page

if you have a blog and you’re from victoria, or you live in victoria, email me at daving@shaw.ca with your name and website URL! 🙂
oh yeah .. for christmas, i gave myself a MySQL server and i already have a database set up. how leet is that? i have to start learning PHP again so i can interface it with this site. i started learning a long time ago when dev0n tried to teach me, but i forget all i learned. plus it was harder to learn, not having a server to connect to and all that. having my own MySQL server set up makes the purpose of PHP much more tangible. it will also be useful for one of my other projects that i’m involved with, www.ravevictoria.com. although development on that site is pretty slow, it should pick up in the spring. if there are any more raves, that is.
i also gave myself U2’s ‘elevation’ tour DVD. i wish they made a zooTV DVD, but all i can find is the VHS pieceofcrap. U2 is my favorite band and they sucked me right into their musical vortex with Achtung Baby. ahh, i am still kicking myself for not going to see the zooTV tour when it came to Vancouver about a decade ago. dough!
the picture above is of a type of brace that holds two pieces of glass together at most hockey rinks. the rink that this picture was shot at is the panorama leisure center out near the pat bay highway.
ps: if you know of a victoria blogger with a site, please pass the message on that i’m putting together a victoria blog webpage.
pls k thx bye!

xmas eve

yeah, it’s xmas eve!
pictured above is 2 TPYAKC representatives. the photo was taken last week at Chlorine .. which was the last week of Chlorine. not enough people were coming out to justify the club night continuing. on one hand i’m sad because it never really worked out. on the other hand, i’m happy to have had the opportunity to try for 3 months to make it happen. brent and braeden went out of their way to help me and yoseff put this night on and i’m thankful for that.
that being said…
…i wonder what santa is going to bring me.
i really don’t know!
hopefully some CDrs. can never go wrong with a giant spindle of CDrs. but .. i really don’t know. i just visited a friend and she had a bunch of family over. probably about 30 or some of them. it was so festive .. pretty nice atmosphere. and i met a water lizard named ‘fossil.’ i think i want a water lizard. they’re cool looking, and pretty calm. it crawled on top of my head and hung out there for a while. it didn’t really move.
i’ll be doing the family thing on boxing day in nanaimo.
that should be lovely!

stolen bloggers

last night was one of Those nights. you know, the ones where you’re thinking about who is there, not who isn’t there. saturday, december 21st, being the longest day of the year, meant that it was time for a celebration. so, celebrate we did. we went to the [censored] winter solstice party at [censored].
i am amazed that

  1. it actually started, and
  2. it actually finished when it was supposed to.

last night, something happened that couldn’t really happen before the advent of blogs. i met aaron – only when i met him, i thought i already knew him because his face was familiar and i knew a bunch about him from what he has written on his website.
aaron works with adrian (www.djmischiff.com) at a place called Wondermill. reading aaron’s website makes me envious that i’m not working there. it sounds like a really exciting place to be working! being a designer/marketer/geek, it’s exactly what i’m looking for in terms of employment. i am itching to use some of my skills, experience and education for a business like The Mill which seems to have a great grasp on what corporate culture really means, and what it can really mean. anyways, i digress.
it was super neat to meet him after reading his site and poking through photos a bunch. it’s been almost exactly, if not exactly, a year since i met the first person who i didn’t know, yet i read their blog. his name is jim, someone who i now consider to be a good friend. so this blog stuff, i say, is A Good Thing. i now have my own. i didn’t even really consider doing a year ago. i am not much of a writer. things don’t really ever flow for me, at least not the way i hear Writers talk about. i mean, it’s sort of flowing for me now, but this doesn’t count, does it? i am talking about not having those moments of words flowing from my brain. uh, this is a paradox! eeeeeeeeeeek!
a bunch of time ago, i had written this post. i was just about done when i hit the “numlock” button on my keyboard, which doubles up as the “clear” button. the LED was on on the numlock.

  • LED on on the numlock = annoying
  • clearing your entire post that you’ve spent about 30 minutes on = slightly more than really stupid

haha, whoops. i think this post is better than the last one. i am not certain however, as i have no way of checking. i’m saving drafts of it every few paragraphs now. does anyone else accidently nuke their creative work every now and then? what do you do? do you just leave it, or do you try to create again? is it better, or is it worse?

yes. that’s right. i stole them!
vua ha ha ha ha!