10+ years of quicksilver

My Mac Quicksilver G4 tower (I can hear people already going “WTF is that, it’s an apple product that doesn’t start with an “i”?!) turned 10 quietly this summer, running non-stop on original parts. And I mean, really non-stop. The computer has been off only for moves, which all together span maybe 30 hours over that time. Otherwise, it’s been up, running as a server. Additionally, on this computer I ran several websites, composed a lot of music, recorded mixes, radio shows, designed and made well over a hundred websites, did a lot of photo management with 70,000+ photos, did many many hours of homework, blogged most of what’s on davingreenwell.com, and so much more. When this computer was first launched, it – like much of what has come from Apple – was referred to as “Insanely great.” Without a doubt, it has been just that.
Last night I moved it away from the desk it had been for a lot of that time, and sold the desk to my friend Matty, who will be putting it to good use. Now the Quicksilver tower is hooked up to my 40″ screen in the living room, playing a vast library of music and doing the occasional slideshow. I’ve set it up to do screen sharing, and have also divorced it from its keyboard, mouse, and screen. Now I control it remotely from my MacBook and it shares that 40″ screen with a tiny little AppleTV (2nd generation.)

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