priorities for fall

With fall arriving soon, light is leaving us earlier. Now it makes more sense to stay in during the evenings and sit in front of a screen, or scribble on a piece of paper, or whatever.
As anyone who knows me knows, I am someone who welcomes change. This is as much for my reference as anyone else that may be wondering why they don’t see me out as much anymore. It’s a time of transition so here is what is on my plate:

  • Daytime: BC Stats – Analyst
  • Evenings: A competition (which I can’t elaborate on right now), finite mathematics, Kuba Oms remix, Above and Beyond remix, branding for a friend’s project, ongoing fitness at The Y, and tennis.

The above photo was taken on Hornby Island this summer. At night, we walked on the massive sandy beach at Tribune Bay. Bioluminescent algae lit up our footsteps, and the flashing branched out like sheet lightning in sand. It was perfect.
I’m looking forward to seeing what autumn moments will come to stand out in similar, yet their own, ways.

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