ignore for a moment, that there is a man in the upper right quadrant of this photo. and then consider the notion:
every working person in the world is in this photo, and all the money in the world is also in this photo.
where are they? where is it?
with the chains, the hydraulics, the supports and most of all, the infrastructure to hold it all up is the role of working people in this world. the money flows over top, over all the work we do to support it, and rides smoothly to where-ever its true destination is. without it, of course there would be no need for the ramp. so in a sense it justifies those below it. sometimes a bit falls through the grates. mostly, though, the relationship between working people and money is pretty clear.
this isn’t based on anything. it’s not scientific, or researched, or pointed at anyone or any group – it’s just a feeling of living and working in an expensive part of the country, in a model of society that does not financially favour the young. if you’ve already got money – great news – you can get more. if you don’t have money, please punch in – you’ve missed the boat.

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  1. I was just thinking about that, on my way home from work two days ago. Watching all those little shops on Austin Ave. and wondering what will happen in the next few years for them. Think of all the tiny markets that have relied on small businss for so long. Makes me really wonder. 🙁

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