AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: May 2008

Pacific Front Sessions for May 2008 is a special 2 hour mix, my second 2 hour mix of the year. Seriously I am not running out of good music either, so this is a very encouraging time to be in the industry. My hats off to all the producers in this mix – there is some new, and some old, but I think you’ll agree that it all goes together regardless of age. Of particular note here is a track that myself, Formulate, and Dustin H wrote. We don’t have a name for it yet – there are a few names on the table right now – but if you have a suggestion we’re all ears. The track will be coming out with a mix by Dustin (featured in this mix), myself, and also one by the elusive Formulate. My new remix of John Morgan (Powerplant) and Kevin Shiu is also in here, as is the original track – “8 Feet Under” – which will be coming out on Powerplant Music. It’s a bit of a corker and I did it specifically with VEMF in mind. The original mix of “8 Feet Under” is a dark and hypnotic piece that would sound at home in one of John Digweed’s darker sets, closer to the end. This was a very enjoyable track to remix. One of the producers to look out for in this mix is Snake Sedrick – his breaks track “Inbreak” is one of my favorites in some time, and his “Aha” is remixed by Jaytech (who remixed my “Lush” track) and it’s really a fine piece of dance music. Another producer to look out for in this mix is Fretwell – I put two of his remixes in here. He is one of my favorite producers and he really delivers on the two tracks that I’ve chosen here. Anyway, those are enough notes from me. Enjoy the show!


  1. Momu – Descolada (Dislodged remix) [3 Beat Breaks]
  2. Snake Sedrick – Inbreak (Original mix) [Tilth Music]
  3. Pole Folder featuring Sandra Feretti – Protected (Fretwell remix) [Mo-Do]
  4. Probspot – Heatsink (Original mix) [Primal Recordings]
  5. Cassino and Laben – Inventiveness (Michael and Levan remix) [Hunya Munya Records]
  6. Keenan and Anderson – Promises (Faskil remix) [Navigation Records]
  7. Paul Thomas and Myke Smith – The Grudge (Fine Taste remix) [Baroque Limited Records]
  8. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – 8 Feet Under (Original mix) [Powerplant Music]
  9. Snake Sedrick – Aha (Jaytech remix) [Tilth Music]
  10. Seth Vogt featuring Maraya – Leave Me Lonely (Fretwell remix) [Shiznit Recordings]
  11. Medway – The Bassline Track (Jiva Roid Rage mix) [Hooj Choons]
  12. Greed – Strange World (Blackwatch King Monkey Dub) [SOG Records]
  13. Minilogue – In A Deeper Motion (Original mix) [Baroque Records]
  14. Downkill – Minor Theory (Dynamic Illusion remix) [Toes in the Sand]
  15. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – 8 Feet Under (AFK’s Overkill remix) [Powerplant music]
  16. Keenan and Anderson featuring Tiff Lacey – Runaway (Mat Zo Vocal remix) [Navigation Records]
  17. Formulate, AFK and Dustin H – Unnamed (Dustin H mix) [Pacific Front Recordings unreleased]
  18. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version) [Border Community]
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  1. this set is stupid good. I’m only on track 4 – how premature of me – but dude, this is like 5 am, on the beach in Ibiza, Nick Warren, Global Underground, never gonna forget it-style. I have a feeling this is gonna get filthy nasty before all is said and done… Well done. I’m officially skipping lunch and not talking to my co-workers to listen to the rest.

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