what time is the rave?

i just made this entry a photography entry. i think they’re all going to be photography entries. well whatever. i played an excellent game of trivial persuit, pop culture edition #2. though my team was not victorious, i still had a great time and enjoyed knowing about 25% of the questions, as opposed to normal version which i would score much lower at, i am sure.
i am shuffling this and that around. i was scheduled to play on saturday, january the 28th at hush, but now it looks like the show is being postponed til early february, which is a shame because i was looking forward to making a new track with DustinH while he was up here that weekend, and then playing it out that same weekend. can’t win ’em all.
on saturday night past, braeden DJ’d at hush for the first time in a long time. it was really quite good and i forgot how much i enjoy listening to this guy DJ. always good, no exception. like myself, he has a variety of different DJ sounds — a club sound, a party sound, a radio sound, a CD sound .. he’s really quite excellent at each one and they demand in different ways.
shortly after braeden’s set, jim mentioned to me that he had caught wind of a party happening in a certain downtown spot and so off we went to grab my records from my place and go to The Place. we went to The Place after scouting out this awesome pizza place across from logans on cook st. yes it was quite good. don’t remember the name but i quite liked it. so we went to The Place and Joshua swiped us in past the gate as we were amongst the first to arrive with steve and his girly-friend type. within 30 minutes there were over 200 people there, and me, unexpectedly DJing on a rather nice set up of two tech1200’s and a rane mixer, pumping out the tunes ona rather large sound system. the set went from 2 – 4 AM and it was energetic, completely spontaneous and ridiculously gratifying. it’s pretty hard to describe how satisfying this night was. it’s the kind of night you dream about as a young DJ, pretending something terrifically awesome is going to happen out of the blue. at some point you forget about that dream and settle into the reality of the mundane, run-of-the-mill gigs. this was something else. it put the scenes in groove to shame even. we were only short one john digweed.
i got a phone call from kentucky tonight. resonant vibes is going to feature me as a DJ on their site. since pacific front already sells through their store, it makes perfect sense to me to line up with them. i spoke with a friendly fellow named sam who had an english accent. we traded cell digits and we will be txting in florida. which brings me to florida.
i am going to florida! two reasons. going to visit krishen, who i have not visited yet in almost 3 years. yeah slightly overdue. he lives in sarasota. the other reason is in miami. and of course we are going to WMC. was there any doubt? i am assembling my list of folks to hook up with right now. so if you’re going to WMC, be sure to drop me a line and we’ll trade contact info for the conference. other than that i am really looking forward to going to the place where my brother lives and seeing what his life is really like and how different it is from mine and stuff. that kind of thing is always interesting to me.

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  1. Those moments of deep deep synch are what I miss most about the whole scene. You were lucky to have it again.
    WMC. Hotcore. I am envious.
    Also- very nice new place you have here. Thanks for inviting me.

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