the blue hour

the chain shot during the blue hour
what is the blue hour? the blue hour is definied by wikipedia as something not too dissimilar to twilight.
for a while i’ve been using it to describe anything i want, in particular that time-warp zone between 11pm – 1 AM. you look at the time at 11ish and it’s like “ok yeah, the night is not over yet but it will be in a bit.” then you look at the time again, and in a span of what you think is minutes, 2 hours has gone by. why is that? is it because this is around when everyone gets home, goes online and shoots you an IM? i don’t know, but time definitely dilates.
now that i settled that up, i should tell you where i first heard the term, or at least, first remember hearing the term: a group by the name Killer Loop (Layo Paskin, Richard West) made this progressive house gem named “the blue hour.” sasha and digweed put it on their “communicate” album and it had this sound. it was really distinct and cool. it gave me some pretty h-core visuals, you know how some songs do that. this one in particular was quite odd. i imagined the flintstones in some sort of trance having a full moon party. i think you gotta hear the track. it’s really that cool.
so if the blue hour is legitimately twilight, particularly the twilight of the summer, then i have to name this time dilation something else. i like the idea of calling two hours one. the blue hour did that. but i can’t do that. it’s taken! frick.
uh oh. it’s happening. stop it!
the time is going by so quickly. aaaah!

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