blumenwiese neben autobah

got a few more things to do on this site in terms of CSS and such. tweaks and whatnot. i love being my own client. it’s pretty satisfying.
myself and nathan started a new track last night and it was madness. can’t say too much yet. but i really like it.
was going to book my flight to florida today but that didn’t work out. will have to do that next weekend. perhaps will book the calgary trip right now. what is peak season for flying? i figured it was summer and winter and that was it. am i missing something? is it holiday related a well?
i was discussing our political options with my coworkers. i saw the debate this week past and it was pathetic. i am looking for a leader that can represent canada with spine and intelligence. unfortunately to get elected in this country it seems like you have to play for one of two teams, and what you have to say is not quite as important as what those players on those teams think of you personally. to make it to those teams you gotta be elected, but the democracy seems to end there. the only leader that displayed any spine was that of the bloc quebequois, but i think that may have been because it was an all english debate and his party doesn’t run except for in french speaking regions (quebec). don’t get me wrong, i am going to vote. but i don’t think i can rely on debates to provide any insight whatsoever, as one only needs to watch the show for 2 minutes to realize that these guys are simply slagging eachother down, denying and cross-slagging. what a waste! i have more homework to do before making any decision.
i’m going to go see braeden DJ at hush tonight and beyond that the weekend is meant only for relaxing. ciao.

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