achieving stasis

so i was feeling a little dramatic last week when i decided to sell my only U2 ticket. i have decided to hold on to it. thanks for your interest as well, i appreciate that, but i have come to my senses.
i hung out with devon last night. she is a source of constant entertainment and informed me she has a new website, and after 5 minutes of searching i can’t find it. mebbez i suck at this internet thing.
okay folks, here is my secret shame:
i am trying to figure out my own attraction and henceforth addiction to [bleep]e family restaurants. i have been preferring places like dennys and smitty’s over trendy coffee joints for ages now. add boston pizza to that list, they got free refills. my latest haunt seems to be brothers in gas town. i don’t know why. it’s like it is so bad and tacky that it becomes good again. why can’t i feel that way about horrible music?
well, i gotta pick my battles. or something.

it looks like i have 10 days and 10 seconds of music on my system.
james holden tomorrow night, chloe the following night. yes!
music: Habersham & Phil K – Cloudbreak

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  1. you know what you’re going to get and you don’t have to worry about being around pretentious…osity? i think dennys type places are so awesome to hang out in because they feel so relaxed. no rushing because someone is waiting for a table. no stress. just chill and… eat. mmmmm… bacon.

  2. you should record holden’s set for me. i would even pay you! i would be there myself, but alas, i will be in california. i thought about driving from ventura to la to see holden at giant nightclub, but apparently i’m not allowed to drive by myself at night in los angeles. something about me being a girl and the city being really really big.
    i’m absolutely positively totally freaking crushed i am missing holden. i can’t even talk about it because i will start crying and wailing.

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