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  1. craig says: “he is such a weird looking guy. Like wow…”
    I can’t believe you said that.
    He’s no “weirder” looking than you, craig. Anyways, the music spoke for itself free from superficial constraints… In otherwords, it was fucking grandoise!

  2. Wow man, don’t take it so personally, charles! Yes we’re all weird lookers in our own amazing ways, but from personal experience, James turns more heads than most. People pay big bucks to get contacts so they can have eyes that bright. He has piercing blue eyes to counter what many people would call whiter-than-most skin. If I were to call him striking, would that please you? He’s a super nice guy; I’m not judging him or qualifying him in any way, shape or form; merely making a statement. If you’re taking this to sound like I’m demeaning him, maybe you have your own issues you’re dealing with, but hey – he’s James Holden. I don’t have anything negative to say about the guy. I’m sure he’s heard it lots and when you make your living as a performer, literally facing hundreds and thousands of people on a daily and nightly basis, you sacrifice your image to the critics of the world. Superficial constraints? I think that was aimed at me. Dude, for the people that convenience his passion for music and allow him to make this a career, music is entertainment and business, not philosophy.
    I wanted to mention that I thought your scotland hat and coiffe looked really sharp in the Chloe pics. Didn’t want you to take that the wrong way though. Glad I didn’t mention it!

  3. craig, i think you’re overreacting. I didn’t see much of a personal attack on you in charles’ comment. and charles too. you guys should take it easy reacting to eachother. you sound like you’re married. (i realize the irony of my comment on your comments 🙂 )

  4. craig, I don’t feel that having this discussion is very conducive to the environment that davin has created here.
    If you desire a dialogue, feel free to email me. I apologize if you found pretense in my comment. perhaps I should have said ‘…no “weirder” looking than you or I…’ however I found your original comment distasteful and expressed my surprise…
    Davin, apologizies for the portentous dialogue. 🙂

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