bust out of the funk

not that there is anything wrong with the funk. it’s just a saying. i’ve been struggling with what to write about lately. being sick doesn’t really afford me much in terms of events to talk about, because i have been house-bound, except for last night.
last night we did a small show at a photogallery show @ Cafe Deux Soleils — a funky cafe on Commercial Drive (East Vancouver). from what i could tell it went over really well, and that is saying a lot — it’s no small job singing an 11 minute tune, and jaime did well. that has me excited to make more music.
it was very cool that my pals mattwhat and thor came down to hang out and take in some tuneage. it makes a big difference to have friends come out and i really appreciated it. since i was DJing most of the night i didn’t get to socialize.
i’ve been working from home, getting lots done and then lying down to rest myself — to try and kick this cough out the door, the last stand of the passing illness. it’s stubborn like a barnacle on a west coast rock though, and is very unclear about its departure date. grrr.
i am listening to a CD that my good friend charles gave to me a long while ago — it says on it “where ever I am, I am what is missing.” it’s really good, it kind of sounds like the sneaker pimps. it’s by a band named laika. kind of girl-nobody-ish too. well hopefully i’ll be able to hang out with charles this weekend coming up. he’s been really busy with school. i should say even though. even though he’s had a remix come out on pacific front, a full release, and another upcoming remix, he’s been impossibly busy with school. so i haven’t had a chance to connect with him. life gets busy. and tricky. and so.
things i miss: feeling healthy. like, eating right, getting physical activity, feeling fit, energetic. i always feel most energetic and full of life when i am physically exhausted from doing. after my lungs are back in order i plan on changing my lifestyle to include more physical activity. and the weather is starting to warm up so it is almost time to take advantage of Vancouver’s superior outdoor amenities.
i think that’s what is missing from my life, my life is missing that balance .. it is all work, work work. need more play, healthy play. like a hike-photogroffee would be amazing because it would combine people, physical activity, and photography and we would have accomplished 3 things at once. yeah that would be grand. like mount finlayson grand. who is in? this sunday. yes, THIS sunday. hopefully i will be in condition to do this by then. that is my goal.

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  1. fun? yes. I may have to work this weekend too. boo, my work is always physical so maybe I will accomplish one of the three my self.
    Pencil me in though. I may work Saturday and take Sunday off.

  2. I think you’re on the right track with the physical activity. I’m playing tennis once a week and I hope to start skating more too. It does wonders for my mental state. There are times when it is healthy to give your mind a break and to think about something else.
    The only thing I wish now was that I had a partner to go around shooting photos with. That would be rad.

  3. and maybe next sunday we could try a grind-photogroffee. Exercise is the good. I hope your hike this weekend works out… I’m already looking forward to the pics.
    Wednesday; oh what a night that was… lots of nervous moments, but all in all… time very well spent. I love beginnings like that, especially ones adorned with gorgeous Belle & Sebastian (+ more) photos. I was pleasantly surprised at my couzin’s talent.
    There are many more music ideas brewing…and I still feel so honoured.

  4. If it’s at all possible I am in. Depends on when we make it all come together. Jen’s pappa is all birthday-ish Sunday from 3-ish onward. I would be willing to be a little late though. We talk, yes?

  5. dude, we may never hang out together but man, i appreciate your qualities man. When you feel like a slice of green balogne, sing to yourself Huu Hyat Firstnatioonnnnns. then bury your head in some coarse salt. All us Indians do that hey. I am sure you miss my Indian stereotype imitations but sleep well knowing I haven’t stopped.
    Refuse it.

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