resistance d

all that is left now is a really dry throat and some of The Evil Stuff in my lungs. the doc says i have bronchitis but since i am a healthy guy regularly, administrating medicine wont make a difference to the overall recovery time at this point. i am planning on leaving my apartment to go to the office to work from there for the afternoon so wish me luck out there in the cold, wet & cruel world.
i am eating some of the ultra delish soup to make me feel better.
did you know we have a show at a photo gallery on commercial drive tomorrow? well we do! i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to make it until yesterday when i started to feel much better (and hence i worked). i will supply more of The Details tonight.

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  1. Place: Cafe Deux Soleils (Commercial Drive)
    Time: 8 PM
    It’s a photo gallery show and myself and Jaime are entertainment. Yeehaw!! Come be entertained and hear our most massive ch00n(s)!

  2. mischiff: I have a good feeling there will be recurring events of such nature.. et pour ca raison, je suis trés excité.
    so glad you’re feeling better, Davin… looking fwd 2 tonight. *high five* to emerald green.

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