secret little things

i fluked out yesterday and ran into christine on the skytrain yesterday and ended up going for brunch with her and pete as well as their two friends adam and kyla. we went to the elbow room cafe where i recognized the waitress — an older lady, perhaps 50? she used to work at john’s place in victoria, an old haunt of all of ours. she recognized the lot of us. funny lady, funnier place. kyla was getting up to grab some coffee when the waitress said “no! what do you think you are doing. don’t get up to get more. let him do it!” so adam was volunteered to go get more coffee .. ha ha ha! thank you waitress. anyhow it was a good time and the food was excellent.
it was a good way to start what turned out to be a very interesting sunday for me. got the usual apartment dwelling errands done .. but i *made* something yesterday. actually i made two things! secret things. secret personal cool little things.
pete is looking to move into the same area that i am looking to move into — robson and denman area. for me it would reduce my commute time to work as well as my social commute time. sounds like a no-brainer, and when you consider it’s less expensive as well, well, it’s a less than no brainer. which makes it .. The Right Thing To Do. my lease is up at the end of march ..
the signs are showing up .. it’s time to eliminate some more stress from my life .. ohh that sounds really bad, but it’s not. it’s good; it is good for me. you’ll — no, we shall see.
the g2 is acting up. . not charging batteries properly. the display isn’t flipping the image when the flip-out screen is rotated 180 degrees. the LCD turns off when it should not. it’s still only half way through its warranty though, so it’ll be fixed. just gotta decide when the next time is that i want to go for a month without my camera. ack.
everyone at the building i am in is double-taking at me this morning. haha, i know why, but i still think it’s funny.
please wish good luck to emily, who, after staying a few months in victoria from her world travel, is off to toronto to persue her writing career. go emily! next to go .. ria. to india! for four months. wow, that’s great.
speaking of writing, i read voltaire’s “candide” and i quite liked it. it wasn’t boring, things happen rapidly in his (or the) older style of writing. less time agonizing over details, which i think means less time painting pictures .. but if you have an incredible story, the reader gets to flex the imagination .. if you describe every last thing .. that leaves little room to fill in blanks .. that’s what i find anyways. so i did like it, and i would say that now that i’ve thought about it for a day, the book is about the zen experience — though it never comes close to mentioning it, neither in the story nor the supplementary texts.
one thing that i didn’t mention about saturday night .. was that i watched SNL For the first time in a long time. i am not a TV watcher; i do not even own a TV and cable is for internet in my books. but U2 was on SNL and they lended the show some serious and much needed performance cred. they did their new single (vertigo) and another tune from the new album which blew me away. must go get their new album. they’re proving once again again that they’re the real deal. at the end of the show they came out to do a third song, one of their classics “i will follow.” nice one! and they did a FOURTH song after that .. but the show ran out of time. the studio got a nice performance, i am sure. a bit of a concert even; bono was doing his usual camera antics and it looked like a lot of fun. oh yeah, this is why they’re my favorite band. they completely pwned that show. i don’t even know who their ‘celebrity actor’ was. totally eclipsed.
happy monday paracetamol everyone!

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  1. Do you like that bit in Candide where he says bad stuff about Canada?
    I can’t remember anymore, but I think it was a general complaint that it was useless land to be fighting over, with only trees and furs and that’s about it. Could be wrong though, it’s been years since I read the book.

  2. is it a chair? I bet it’s a chair. It’s a chair isn’t it? or maybe a coffee table? hmmm
    btw, can you update my url in your ‘recommended’ section to my chompers-dubs site? peas!

  3. I too saw an SNL for the first time in a while recently — Colin Farrel did a pretty good impression of Bono. I laughed, then I cried.

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