it’s colddddddddd!

today i have a few moments before i must go catch the bus.
did you know it was -11 last night when i was walking home to/from public transit? it’s hard to tell .. i just kept marvelling at how there’s still snow. i am so used to it melting after a day that it’s really making me double take whenever i see the stuff. everywhere.
my brain is slow ..
i am really tired today for some reason .. later this evening, after work, i am going to go hang out in the commercial drive area .. it’ll be cool to do some exploring and see what all the fuss is about. ‘the drive’ this, ‘the drive’ that, i keep on hearing. i have a few friends that live in the area.
cool :)!
i saw spanglish last night. it was really good .. not what i expected, even though i read a preview online it still unfolded in interesting ways. this isn’t your average adam sandler flick — it isn’t even an adam sandler flick really, he plays a supporting role.
tea with cayenne in it does wonders for the throat. mmmm. and maple syrup. that is good stuff.
i think i have to go now. bye!

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