stuff i bought after work

here is some of the junk i bought after work today:

  • new screwdriver
  • cheese
  • whisk
  • saucepan
  • mixing flour
  • shotglasses
  • coke-a-cola to replace the old bottle
  • measuring cup

yeah it looks nasty out there. it started snowing on the north shore again this afternoon and the cars on the main roads were pounding it into a fine slush. it will freeze tonight when the traffic dies down and there will be hella accidents tomorrow; i will be working from home as it will be heinous out. i postponed all my plans tonight so i can relax, be creative, and have a good day tomorrow. plus it would not be a good idea to be out in this miserable weather. i am close to being 100% again.. not time to jinx it.

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