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sasha at the red light in the dodgiest part of manchester
that’s a shot i took of sasha at the red light in april 2004; the dodgiest part of manchester. tonight i am in surrey at kristen and ren’s place for sam’s b-day party; the dodgiest part of vancouver. really it is not. i suppose the east end is, but surrey has the reputation in vancouver like nowhere else. if you are a victoria reader, then surrey is equitable to vancouver as langford is equitable to victoria. and vice versa. it really isn’t that bad here, though i am still struggling to figure out how come the last skytrain downtown is at 11:30 PM on a saturday night. it is almost as if translink is encouraging drunk driving. not that i drive here; but if i did, i wouldn’t .. either. so what i am saying is that there is no real reason for the skytrain to stop running at 11:30 PM on a saturday night. i mean, it’s a freakin’ robot!
i got new shoes today and..
a microphone.
dun dun dun. really, this is a big thing.
oh and don’t forget emerald green. thanks pfaf.
i am feeling better than i have in a while.. oh! and i have new slippers. thank you may. so nice!

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  1. parts of surrey are really really bad. like… parts of surrey make langford look lovely. now that I work in esquimalt i might actually say that a better comparison might be surrey is to vancouver as esquimalt is to victoria. but even then, parts of surrey are worse. i should know.. i grew up in SOUTH Surrey… the nice, nice, nice, Victoriaesque part of Surrey. It’s a friggin huge municipality and takes a lot of bad rap. So, if anyone asks I grew up around White Rock, because I just can’t put up with being called a Surrey girl one more time.
    Ok. Rant over! Whew… sorry!

  2. shy me: well, yeah. ok. esquimalt is nothing like it used to be though .. it’s much nicer now. i think so, anyways. i was trying to show the rough part of victoria to jaime the other weekend and i couldn’t find it. lol..

  3. yeah Victoria is not the rough. hehe
    eek!! microphone!! I get all tingly just thinking about it. My headphones are luhhhvely btw.. made for a pleasant “I hate work morning” bus ride.
    oh and pfaff has another f. just ta let ya know.

  4. i remember once at a party years ago talking to a fellow who taught at vic west elementary. he said it was a huge challenge trying to get through to kids who either hadn’t eaten for days or had been up all night listening to their moms and dads, or moms and boys who were there instead of dad, duking it out.
    working now in vic west i can say it’s a lot nicer place than it was some years ago, the whole area is going upscale. but then upscale doesn’t drag along those who are not, it just displaces them to the next worse place.
    shyme: you work in vic west?

  5. Hey common now, my house is nice and far from the bad things in surrey. That new cop shop makes things a bit safer too. Surrey is having a take back the city intiative this year, getting the drugs and hookers out of our neighbourhoods (and moving them further out towards Abbotsford). Not in MY backyard!
    Let’s see some slipper pics Davin, with the robe, the full meal deal. Sexy!

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