where are you going

schlopping two backpacks and one packed record bag, running to the bus, running to the seabus, running to the skytrain, running to the PCL bus .. drifting on the ferry. taking shots.. got some good ones.
the superferry from vancouver to victoria is a lot more vibratey (that’s a word now if it wasn’t before :P) on departure than the ferry from tsawwassen to duke point. (vancouver to nanaimo). i think that’s because the superferry backs out of the vancouver harbour. oh yeah it’s true, this huge 2000 person ferry does back out …….. well it has to because of the way the ferry docks in victoria (also notably backwards). anyhow.
i am madly jonesing for some studio time. myself and charles are going to spend two hours polishing off the Ghosted ambient mix (Obakeh) and it’s going to be a piece of a rather massive 4 part Pacific Front Recordings release. number oh oh four.
i hung out last night with emmy, adam, bay, lexi and nick at the Canoe Club. we had some appy’s, enjoyed a beverage and the atmosphere and had some pretty damn compelling conversations actually. it is nice for a change to really drill at a few topics for a few hours with thoughtful folx.
monday evening i hung out with ria and erik and plotted about NYE. erik is having a cruise, which i think would be fabulous to go to. if i wasn’t going to Saltspring i would be there; it sounds like it is going to be a blast.
this is in no particular order.
as soon as i got in on sunday, charles and nathan came by to pick me up from the house in the hood. we went to their place and i checked out the latest bits of music they were working on. charles has finished this mad mad madly cool radiohead remix of kid a, and he also played me a few other bits, including a remix that hrdvsion did. really quite cool. nathan is making some really cool drum and bass lately and he has made some more .. it seems to be a big thing for him, and it really sounds natural for him — very cool. it’s great to be able to go over to their place and walk from Room1 to Room2 and hear the sheer volume of creativity in that place. it is intimidating in the best possible way.
we’re a bit festive at the office today. alison picked up eggnog and christmas cake and i invited a couple of visitors.
this evening i am headed to mike schmitz’s and steve ireland’s for xmas dinner. we do this every year and every year it is one of the very best experiences of the winter holidaze. i am looking forward to good friends that i only see every now and then and killer food to boot.
lately i haven’t been taking that many pictures of people. part of this is because i have been meeting a lot of new people lately and i don’t really want them to think of me as The Camera Guy or The Camera And That Guy so i’ve been hiding it. really. and that kind of annoys me. i used to not give a crap really, and as a matter of fact when i used to whip out the camera two years to a year ago it was an object of conversation and excitement. “cool camera!” of course they wanted to be shot. now it’s just another silver camera with a flip-out screen. i believe i take much better shots now, but the mood of your subjects is thoroughly more important than the equipment in quality of shots, i would say. so i have been returning to the macro shots, the object shots, the landscape shots.
about a year ago, gurton gave me one of bendy little mini-tripods. was that ever handy for night shots, time exposures specifically. i have done much less of those since i lost the tripod at a club earlier this year in manchester (sasha @ the red light) and i miss it. yeah those tripods are only $5 and they are -totally- worth it and then some. it fit in my camera case!
that being said, the photogroffee group is getting together to plot tomorrow evening about a new website (actually a couple of new websites) .. between the bunch of us, we have done quite a few websites and we’re really interested in concepts for these websites that will really work in terms of interest, traffic, and sustainability in terms of updating and expansion.
i am starting to take root in vancouver a bit more seriously in the last couple weeks and feel a bit more comfortable about being in two cities.
yay victoria!

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