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last night was my first episode of good sleep in the last 4 months i would say. vacation. finally it is real. i had a dream that i was driving a viper, but i was in a parkade. there was a gas pedal and clutch, but no brake.
i drove, faster and faster, not really too concerned about being in a parkade or not being able to slow down. dude it was a viper, and i wasn’t about to waste it. so i curved around corners, dodged backing out cars, and drove until there was only a concrete wall in front of me. i messed around with the gears but it was pretty obvious i was going to hit this wall. so i put my hands out in front of the car to absorb the impact, and it worked. the car was scratched only slightly but it wasn’t a big deal. taking the impact didn’t hurt at all in the dream, i was more concerned about the scratch.
how messed up is that?
the dinner last night at mike and steve’s was as predicted. unbearably delicious food and lots of stories shared with great friends. many echoed what i had said yesterday on here about it being one of the best things about the winter holidays.
paxton’s food was crazy crazy crazy good.
myself and matt got up to some photogroffee-esque activities late in the evening (matt is pictured up there with brother and host mike) and we messed a bunch with his slightly puzzling canon A60. it’s only puzzling because i couldn’t get the focusing brackets / focusing square dohicky to stay on the screen. sometimes it would, some times it would not.
i didn’t get it.
however, we got some cool-ass shots and are plotting to go out with our tripods and capture the hood as we remembered as kids. minus all the people we went to school with. i am verimuch looking forward to that. mind you, i remember it at night more than that day time if it is to be without people, which it is.
tonight myself and a few others are getting together to plot for the photogroffee website and also blogbc. we are jamming on a few different ideas for the sites and i am looking forward to it ’cause i believe they will be fantastic sites and a lot of fun. maybe a tonne of work or maybe not.. i am not certain yet. i want to do a new design for when i get back to my design studio in Vancouver in January. something much more CSS-esque and less table design driven. though table design is invincible and attractive, good CSS design can go a long way and affords some modularity that table design can not compete with, and that’s important when working on a collaborative site. okay that isn’t totally true. the pacific front recordings website is a collab between me james and justin and it was marvellously simple to work together on. i think what i mean is there is some rad stuff you can do with dynamic sites, div id’s, and design.
i want to explore that a bit more. i can see the potential in the coding style and i like it.
i am listening to steve porter’s “home grown” EP and i have to say, once again (if i have said it before) that it is fantastic.
other music nerd stuff: matt darey who was once known as “li kwan” released a track about 8 years ago [i think] named “point zero” — a classic epic trance tune that set the path for darey’s production career for at least 4 years to come (before he mysteriously disappeared into a ditch beside some UK hard house club in ibiza) and it just got re-released on darey’s new label (Darey Products, haa haa nice one) with yet more epic-ness from an agnelli and nelson remix (which i don’t care for so much) and a fantastic treatment from the men of the moment, Leama and Moor.
well, i suspect they are the men of the moment. i went for coffee earlier with braeden and he suggested that Leama might be a woman. to which i thought, you know, Leama is a pretty feminine name. maybe it is a chick. in that case, they’d be couple of the .. century ? uh. very good producers at any rate.
speaking of braeden, hush is open on Saturday (christmas) and is currently distributing a poster that headlines “SICK OF CHRISTMAS?” and has a picture of a Santa holding a crying baby. if you see it, well .. check it out. that is too funny. i’ll probably swing by Hush in the evening on xmas with a few of my hausier records and drop a mini-set. see whoever there!

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  1. Talking of Matt Darey, he also recorded under the moniker of Tekara and produced what I regard as probably the finest trance tune ever made which is called ‘Breathe in You’. You can still hunt this tune down over the web and I would recommend the superb M&M dub mix which is the standout version of the track. It’s absolutely epic with ethereal vocals and a searing riff…

  2. yeah that is a superb track and pretty hard to argue with. the original breaks mix is fantastic and the lost tribe remix is pretty huge too, but it is that m&m dub that really takes it to the next level.

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