see me fall

that’s shannon, someone i used to hang out with 4 or 5 years ago. time flies. she is living in calgary, going to university now and studying business.
besides hush, i moseyed down to dj mischiff’s retro night at the u.c.
last night was dancing to unlikely music and driving to the usual suspects.
listening to: michael burns – see me fall [matthew dekay vs. proluctors trousy mix]
it’s almost the end of the week.. certainly i have noticed that it is the 24th today.. so merry xmas eve everyone!
it’s bizarre.
i don’t really have a lot to say.
if someone wants to do something today, i am wide open. lets do something. everyone sounds so busy now tho… spending time with their family. that’s cool. i have to say that it’s sad that this will be the first xmas without my brother krishen around. 🙁 so it feels incomplete here. i think this would be around the time that we’d be *doing* something together.
at times when it feels like so many people who are so important to me are so far away, i remind myself of all those who are wonderful and still around. there are many. that is no replacement but i am grateful for those people i do share close proximity of living with.

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