NYE 2005 dj lineup

hello all who are bound for saltspring, and others so-far tempted;
here is the official DJ lineup for the best night of 2005:

  • 9 PM – 11 PM: Wookie
  • 11 AM – 1 AM: Freya
  • 1 AM – 3 AM: ariz0na
  • 3 AM – 5 AM: Josh
  • 5 AM – 7 AM: Yoseff

oh yeah! expect maaahsiveness from me. (i can only really speak for myself.) but i think you get the idea. it’s NYE and it is time to party! woohoo!!
u know y ..
tickets are 25 bux and you can get them from jimi or josh. this is a costume party too, so if you are inclined in such ways, make it happen! wizzord to the bizzord.
update: josh has just passed on that there will be shuttles from the saltspring ferry terminal (there are three different ferry terminals on saltspring island — the shuttle will be at the terminal that the ferry from victoria arrives at so don’t worry about that) for the 7 PM and 9 PM sailings going directly to the venue. also: it is a black-light extravaganza (a few extra black-light-canons are being brought in) so if you want to make your costume black-light responsive …. it will work well.
personally i will be headed over on the 5 or 7 because i want to enjoy the island a bit around dinner time. dinner on the island, oh yes! wait a minute.. it will be insanely hard to find a place to eat on NYE on saltspring island, wont it? suggestions, anyone? help! 🙂

it looks like there are permanent new night busses from downtown (georgia and granville) to my place (keith & lonsdale) .. the first bus from downtown is at 2:09 AM, another at 2:39 AM, and the last at 3:09 AM. that makes living in North Vancouver waaay more barable on a weekend. the 2:39 AM got me home by 3 AM. not bad considering the fare is $2 (i have a transit pass so it’s nothing) as opposed to taking a $26 suicide cab trip (they drive really fast at that hour so they can speedily pick up more people downtown) which is only about 5-10 mins faster. hooray translink has done something right. the next thing they can do right is make a skytrain route from north vancouver to victoria. uhh yeah. i can dream, right? 😮
that’s all for now. time to make the new MOAB (mother of all breakfasts.)

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  1. hey davin, you prolly dont know who i am… im one of eriks friends and i grew up on SS. why you would want to spend NYE on the island is beyond me…crazy kid. but the ‘Oystercatcher’ is one of the more decent places to eat on the island… i worked there all summer….i would even call ahead if you want a reso? or you can get takeout..
    have fun….

  2. This past summer I ate at a really cool pub on Ganges Harbour, can’t remember what it’s called… It’s right beside the Jill Louise Campbell Fine Art Gallery, as I said, overlooking Ganges Harbour and marina. Typical pub fare in a really nice pub environment… There are a couple other pubs and restaurants within a stone’s throw, too. We also ate upstairs in the same building, which was a nice restaurant, but might be expensive and/or booked up for NYE.

  3. Perhaps here? mobyspub.com
    My mom used to live on Saltspring and I’ve been there a couple of times. It was quite nice, from what I remember. That’s where I’ll be goin if I make it over early enough. :o)

  4. I wonder if Josh and Laura will be doing something interesting in that manner at the party?? Maybe for the morning hunger?? I’ll contact them and maybe suggest it if they aren’t already doing something like that.
    By the way, I’m in full DOORGIRL action again!!! 🙂 And stoked about it!
    Can’t wait for the party, gonna rock it alllll niiiiiiight long hahahaha.

  5. mmmmmmm black lights hahahaha! It’s going to be a marathon day for moi. I’m sorta looking forward to it, and not, if ya f33l my drizzift.
    If’n I can get enough assistance, I will go absolutely mad with the strings…. it comes down to that

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