lonsdale q

oh yes, the lonsdale q. symbol of going home from somewhere probably more fun (ie: anywhere other than north vancouver).
i think i forgot my gloves at julian’s housewarming last saturday.
i could use those tonight, they keep my hands warm.
so i am burning a bunch of promo CD’s for tonight and testing out one of them .. is not working on my stereo, is working on my CDJ100-S, hummm…. what could be wrong? anyhow i hope it isn’t buggy CDr’s.
*fingers crossed*
i am hungry, don’t want to cook, i am hungry, don’t want to cook (repeat times a hundred).

i am headed back to victoria on sunday, mid-day. it’s gotten to the point now where if i go to victoria, i am missing something in vancouver, and if i stay in vancouver, i am missing something in victoria. so there. i am officially divided. it’s actually good .. well wait, it’s bad too, but lets call it badgood. or goodbad.
as you might know, i like keeping busy and getting things done. it would seem i am able to do this in both cities now. rad! bad = feeling like i am missing something. oh yeah i am. oh well, can’t have it all…
so lets have it, what are your NYE plans? and if you are going to Something on Saltspring, do recall that it is a costume party. that being said, what is your costume?
i am going as earl grey tea.
ta ta!

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  1. LOL *murse*
    LOL *earl gray tea* … wow, can’t wait to see that! I will see you there and, if all goes according to plan, you will definitely see me as I am aiming to be quite visible. ;o)

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