it’s a matter of time

i hung out with charles and james last night. good conversation, and i got a chance to hear charles’ new tune which is quite a piece of IDM. really great — the man is so creative that it blows me away.
the blog victoria thing has come to a slow stop. it is time for a new domain since it’s been 2 or more months since the website has been made. maybe i’ll buy one of those cheap dot com domains and set the sucka up. i have been learning a lot about moveable type in the last while, and so i want to invite folks to the next moveable type meetup on February 9th — – moveable type meetup for victoria.
i set up a WebDAV server last night so that i could publish my calendars (work, home, DJing) without having to get a dot mac account. pretty sweet, it’s working and my life at home, work and otherwise is now synchronised.
i have not had enough time to look through my pictures. notice the lack of pictures? the pictureblog thing is fun, but has turned into a nonresponsive bunch and so that has taken a bit of wind out of my sails. adrian has taken some amazing shots lately which has given me some more energy in that area, but i am still lacking time.

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  1. Funny, I’m having the same issue with no time for pix. I haven’t even picked up my camera since Jan 06. *sigh* Too much work – I need to make time for myself! 😉 …And having fun – I need to do that too. Perhaps we could see each other sometime? And of course, there is a certain RV meeting that is still to happen. As I said earlier: work == boourns.

  2. Wait- better- the next Photogroffee can be a night sesh, yes no? With flashes and such? Woo! We can even start at my place, which has a shocking lack of furniture but it’s roomy enough. I shall give this some more thots…

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