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  1. okay: with each roll of film you take in to be developed, they give you a screwdriver or a packet of seeds or a small flashlight. now, with every fifth roll, you also get a coupon for $3 off enlargements. once in a while you get a coupon for free developing, and you always use your key chain and get a second set of prints for a dollar. then one day they screw up your prints, and while you’re waiting for new ones, you wander into the av/computer department. you get a hella deal on a spindle of cdrs, but then a plasma tv catches your eye. no, you can’t afford the plasma, but you settle for a smaller lcd that’s pretty fucking sweet. yeah, but wouldn’t you know it, 5htp is on sale! and then you remember you need deoderant and new raz0…
    whut was the question? ummm, arrakis is worth at least 5.2 megapixels. yeah. with 6x optical zoom. and you give most of the flashlights away to friends, so maybe throw in a 128mb card and two rolls of t400n b&w. the end.

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