2 Knights and Maidens

Once there were two knights and maidens
They’d walk together
Out in the gardens
In all kinds of weather
The knights always pestered the maidens
To love them together
Out in the gardens
And they could watch each other
The maidens had other plans for the two knights
They’d give them potions
And make them see dreams and lights
The knights took the potions gladly
They laughed at their visions
But outside the garden
Tigers smelled them together
The maidens had other plans for the two knights
They’d give them potions
And make them see dreams and lights
The knights only laughed at the tigers
They thought they were visions
Out in the garden
The maidens watched them together
Ah but for the two knights
Ah but for maidens
Who gave to them dreams and lights
– Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies)

Jim mentioned in his latest post that images bring him back to certain times in his life. this song came on iTunes a minute ago and brought back to many years ago (think 11 years ago) when i used to stay up late at night with matt and play magic, eat ketchup chips, and spill glasses of water on the floor.

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  1. that is one of my favorite songs in terms of lyrics, not to mention that it indeed brings back memories from a life that seems very disparate from the one I lead now… which is too bad because sometimes I think I was happier back then. Much less to worry about, I had an almost perpetual smile…. course that could just be my recreation of the events of my past, as I know there were many sad times as well, but for sure the good outweighted the bad. I have to say my friends and I did almost the same, although it was warhammer40k and choclate and the coke that was spilt on the floor:) I still remember being up at 8am and zeb’s mom coming into the kitchen, in which we had our 4×11 battle ground set up still going at it, still arguing over whether so and so can see such and such and if it’s -1 to hit or what and her response being, “you guys are still up? would you like something for breakfast” lol. so nice of her to offer:)

  2. Songs always do that for me too – bring back nostalgic memories. And many of my old and fond memories involve staying up late with friends and playing Magic as well. Haha, what dorks we are…or were. Ahem… so… you wan’t to gather up your Magic cards and have some games some time? I still have many of mine in my closet, and dust them off occasionally to play against Adam. It’s always fun to get back into the feel of that game, although it’s never quite the same as it was in the good old days.

  3. james, thanks for sharing that.. i too find myself looking back at ‘the wonder years’ and remembering them shinier than they probably were. i do know i went through some hard times throughout my whole life and continue to do so, but there’s also good times (needless to say!!).
    graham, yeah! we are dorks. and were. i think for life. lets get some cards together and play! hehehe

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