drop the anchors

oh boy.. being sick really sucks. it’s kinda like.. whoah. i am actually sick enough to take two days off of work. i don’t think this makes me a workaholic, but i really dislike taking any sick days from work. er except for when i worked at Randy River. hahaha, taking sick days from that job was okay. i didn’t mind at all.
i have got the beginning of James Holden’s double CD stuck in my head. such weird.. strange and great music. i got an email this morning from his agent asking if i am interested in doing some radio stuff with mr. Holden.. the answer is a definite yes (of course)! the man is brilliant — there isn’t anything by James that I either don’t love or respect from a production point of view. Luke Chable has developed a sound that is (in some respects) similar to James Holden’s and i wouldn’t be surprised if the immaculate mr. Chable cited mr. Holden as one of his production influences. word on the street is that they have made a song together anyways, so that’s pretty cool.
the James Holden stuff wouldn’t happen til january or so..
by then nickgurns may have moved away! do i want to do a radio show by myself? hmmmm…… i have done it before many times.. less fun though.
i sorted through all my records yesterday, except for the ones that sit eternally in my closet in a wooden ikea box that i got when i was living in vancouver. i seperated the ones i am interested in playing (for fun) from everything else and i still came up with a fairly large pile of music. most of it is pretty straight forward quivver/chable/holden style progressive house, and also some momu/fretwell/starecase style breaks. one track that is really kicking my ass right now is a new one by Morgan Page and Gregory Shiff featuring Astrid Suryanto .. the tune is called “All I Know” and the M.A.S. Collective remix is [censored] huge. i almost said effing huge there but i’m not on the radio right now.. haha, so how well trained am i?
my throat has cleared up a bit, but in that clearing up it has revealed that it is incredibly itchy. ack, did i eat some nuts by accident?!?! grunt.
i still have that present for justin sitting on my table. i gotta give that to him.
other news:
the canucks spanked detroit last night, 5-1. they’re #1 in the nhl standings early in the season. nobody figured it would be last year that the canucks would rule — everyone said it would be this year. well, so far, so good. keep it up boys, see?
i haven’t been able to watch any of the games this season. seems like less of them are on tv.. i don’t have sportsnet and i don’t think i want to get it just for canucks games. although really, that would be the meat of what i would watch on tv. right now i don’t watch any tv at all.. i caught a bit of the 5:30 – 6:00 ish news last night and i had trouble taking the anchors seriously. i know they are paid to act serious. which is exactly why i can’t take them seriously. bye bye, anchors.

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  1. Hope ya feel better soon Davin!
    I don’t like taking sick days either, because even though I’m sick, for some reason I feel guilty. But the thing I DO like about being home sick (as long as you aren’t heaving every 5 minutes) is being able to just relax and do nothing. If I’m not sick, I feel like relaxing is a waste of time when I’m home, so I rarely do it. But if I’m sick, I can just lay on the couch and read and veg without feeling like a bum – because I have a good reason to be doing it!
    So I hope, despite feeling sick, you can get some decent relaxing in there!
    P.S. if you are feeling better Wednesday, Adam and I (and whoever else wants to come) are going to the 10:15pm showing of Matrix Revolutions – come out!

  2. Hi Dav, I am sorry to hear that you are sick, but I am a little concerned. Leslie is also sick. I find this to be a little to coincedental. There were many times in the night when I was preoccupied with your friends. Btw, what news was it that you were watching? Talk to you soon…resonance?

  3. Canucks are rolling along nicely indeed. I too have missed most of the games so far this year.
    I don’t have to pay for cable where I am at, but I still don’t watch much TV at all. So many years of being busy days and nights. Those evening jobs meant I missed those thursday night shows. On another note that means I haven’t seen most of the re-runs:)
    I was also thinking of that damn rock and bowl tonight (wednesday) if anyone is interested.

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