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  1. hey boss,just wanted to say thanks for the beats on all hallow’s always they were energizing to say the least.i’m also hoping you felt safe and secure for the duration of the evening.acme security pride’s itself on the fact that not one of it’s clients have even come close to being assasinated.just so you know, the incident with the brazilian children’s television star happened before i joined the team at acme,most people in the know though will tell you there’s no way to protect a v.i.p. from two thousand 6-9 year old’s hopped up on giveaway snickers bars.feel better soon.cheers.

  2. Davin:
    I am not sure if this applies to you, but I thought I would pass it along in case it does. I would hate for you to lose any data. Some mac users have had their external firewire drives wiped clean when upgrading to 10.3 I haven’t read them all, but here are some urls for more info:,2125,61031,00.html

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