initial site design

i did an initial site design tonight in fireworks and constructed it in dreamweaver. i took the picture that the design is based on earlier in the same day.
the test site is up at /~ariz0na/museum/victoriabloggers/ with a very basic outline of what will be on the site. the core element (being the links to victoria blogs) is currently being powered by jodie’s blogrolling account.
please leave your ideas for navigation elements!

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  1. Site layout looks great Davin – I love the header and catch phrase. (side note, how good is your camera’s zoom, not including digital zoom?)
    Navigation ideas:
    – Search for blogs by keyword (not sure how indepth the listing is going to be, but if blogs had a basic description, then searching by keyword might be useful)
    – Maybe a section to post/organize get-togethers for all the bloggers? Something like your photocoffee meetings or something.
    Looks good!

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