blumenwiese neben autobah

i finished my work basically when i thought i would and i didn’t even notice the hour go by. i love it. i have wanted to design for a living for years, and although i am not master designer yet, i feel progress and it’s [censored] fantastic. YUS!!
i should clarify from my last post that i am not planning on ditching pictures by any stretch of the imagination. in fact i plan, on sunday night, to go out on a special mission for more photographs. i did a bit of photography last night in the moonlight and i can’t really say enough that i like nighttime photography so much more than daytime shooting. i love seeing what isn’t there.
i plan on working on a breaks mix of Magnetic this weekend .. maybe late tonight. Magnetic was originally Caveman, and Caveman was originally a breaks choon so it’s a bit of follow-through that is necessary. we played formulate’s supreme remix of Magnetic today on resonance so that’s two weeks in a row of it. heh heh. maybe if i can finish the breaks mix in time it will be 3 weeks in a row, and maybe an ambient mix as well for the next week. well, the breaks mix is going to be semi-ambient i think. so nix that.
the title of this post has a lot to do with my sunday night mission.
so, i hope it works. yeah! full moon sunday night pls k thx.
the radio show was good fun today as per usual, and we had a couple of pretty interesting guests today — miss innocent (colleen) and slobodan (staffan). colleen is moving to vienna with staffan to start up a techno record label. really cool people. i only wish we had more time for them to spin — a 45 minute set between two people is really a small amount, even for techno. i want a longer show!!
once again i would like to say that, as Nathan put it last night while on a trance-breaks drive through East Sooke, ULRICH SCHNAUSS IS THE MAN.

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