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i am really not much of a writer and not much of a gym person. yet i find myself gravitated towards these two things, working out my brain and working out my body. do i have a fear of laziness? maybe i have been lazy for too long.. the only problem is time. last night i said i was going to update later but i didn’t. i ran out of time. well, so what?
i didn’t actually run out of time. when i got home i turned on the TV because i had a glimpse at the TV at james’ and seen an advertisement for the Daily Show with John Stewart .. now on CTV. this is one of my favorite shows. good as ever last night, after seven months of my viewing hiatus. the only downfall is that it’s only thirty minutes long.
i just ordered ulrich schnauss’ “a strangely isolated place” album online. the mp3’s i have heard of it are not the highest quality but it isn’t that. this guy is worth supporting. the music he makes is unreal. i recommend it .. along the same lines as peter benisch, but possibly larger. huge music!
speaking of working out.. i went to another toastmasters meeting tonight and got up and spoke a bit. well, i spoke way more than i intended to, and what felt like ten seconds of speaking was actually a minute and fourty-eight seconds. whoops! i said “uh” or “um” three times, which i completely didn’t notice.. remember, i thought i only spent ten seconds up there. ten seconds is only enough time to say “uh” or “um” three times and that is about it.
stuff i am looking to do with my writing: avoid numerics, spell the numbers out as much as possible; do more writing, less picture posts; write faster — try to get a flow. and there is one other thing, but i forget what that would be already. ah well.
resonance tomorrow features miss innocent who happens to be in town for a bit on her worldly travels between new york and europe. she’s gigging with Lori the Hi-Fi Princess, someone who almost played on RGM several times but never actually did. miss innocent is going to be playing with her boyfriend er i mean tag-teaming with her boyfriend er. [bleep] none of that sounds right. okay there is this guy she is going to be DJing with tomorrow so it’s not just going to be her. okay?! plus we’re playing the Formulate remix of Magnetic on the show tomorrow. we played the original mix last week. so tune in okay?! 3 pm PST fridays.

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  1. Writing is good! Posts somehow look that much more eloquent with numerics spelt out. Don’t drop the picture posts altogether though, because your shots are wizard.
    What is this toastmaster’s club that you’re talking about?

  2. i will tune it fer shure!
    i want to go to toastmasters too. did i tell you that already?
    most style guides regarding numerals: spell out one through nine, numerals for everything above. why would you want to spell out thirty-three when you can write 33 and save 10 keystrokes?
    have a great weekend dav baby. are you going to come skating on sunday or what??

  3. heheh, i took davin figuratively…. when he said “spell out the numbers”, i thought he meant, “lay out the way it is”.
    i am definitely tuning in!! looking forward to the show!

  4. I went to a toastmasters meeting a year or so ago – and to be honest, didn’t like it. But thats just me. I didn’t like how structured the meetings were – maybe that was just the group I was in? I couldn’t get past it.
    Public speaking is great though. In my job, I find the more I do it, the better and easier it is (like anything). Its an empowering skill to have, that is for sure. Now its something I look forward to (not that I get much opportunity when on bedrest).

  5. i really like the way you write already, i think you’ve found an excellent blog voice over your tenure here, and i think the loyal readership you’ve developed proves it.
    as far as writing out numbers goes, when i write formally, i conform to established style, what julie’s mentioned above. when it comes to the blog or personal communications, i’m all over the place, depending on the cadence i hope to evoke, or just what kind of mood i’m in.
    a number like five or nine or 33 is said (or thought) the same regardless of how it’s represented, but a number like, say, 256, can be said out loud “two hundred fifty-six” or the far more common and likely “two fifty-six.” the former has a unique drama and rhythm, what you might use to describe a large resaurant bill or madonna’s sexual history, the latter is more likely to be heard when you’re talking about your new memory card or the price of marshmallows.
    and i still have a hilarious image stuck in my head of julie counting all the letters in thirty-three.

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