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  1. Hey Davin – Great Photos! Funny thing – Sandra and I went down to Cattle Point to look through the telescopes people had set up – not that impressive. Then we went to Tammie and Gerry’s house and looked through binoculars – awesome!

  2. celestial porn

    As I predicted, geography and meteorology conspired to keep another full lunar eclipse out of my sight. But thanks to a lot of bloggers out there, I was able to watch the eclipse in near real-time. Thanks to all of you who rushed in to post these great…

  3. Man, I’m glad someone got some good shots of last night’s moon! I went to a few places – in a rush – to try and catch the eclipse, but the best I could see was a clouded over orange haze that barely stood out against the sky.
    Ah well, I’m glad to be outdone by your photos once again, because I can take a look at some cool pics 😉

  4. Missed the Party but Happy

    The lunar eclipse was really cool to see. I caught the tail end of it when my bro told me about it on msn. My roommate and I went running out to see. Then I told three other ppl on…

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