guess who this is!!

well, they say late at night could possibly be the worst time to try and write. i’m inclined to believe that, except the night is when i am feeling most creative. and writing is a creative expression, soooo..
maybe it’s something to do with fresh ideas. i mean after you wake up you’ve pressumably been dreaming and therefore you have spent some time outside reality and all the regular uninspiring junk that goes along with it.
yeah. so i believe that. but i think i have always been inspired by being the light in the darkness, the one who stays up later than everyone else, seeing the sun rise and knowing it’s probably time to go to sleep. i’ve always been a night owl.
i am nocturnal.

well i suppose that i should make this post half relevant to the pictures here. so the question is: who is this person? the first name isn’t enough, folks. that’s easy enough to find. who knows who this person is? does anyone?
tonight i hung out over at charles and played for him what i figure to be one of the final mixdowns of caveman. there are a few more polishing touches (stereo field etc blah blah) but it’s basically all there. i added some other melody type stuff in tonight, filtered and phased, flanged and distorted, but in the end i trashed it ins favour of a brighter instrumentation. we also listened to a bunch of other music .. i played some of the ch00ns that are really kicking my ass these days, and he played some for me as well, really incredible stuff. i kept on finding myself going “wow.” he gave me this cd as homework, i’m going to be listening to it in the next few days.. i got a preview, it sounds really quite awesome.
sorry to the 5 people that visited yesterday and didn’t get an update.
here it is.
i’m somewhat sleep deprived, but you get the picture. or do you?
seriously, i don’t know why i am getting so much traffic these days.. probably from julie — she’s outreferring MSN and Yahoo and only barely behind google. also some putz posted a picture from this site onto a message board forum (according to the webalizer, this happens quite a bit) for paul oakenfold. haha. anyone remember this post?

i went on a long walk today at lunch .. ended up in this place past shoreline elementary school .. very cool bird sanctuary peninsula jutting out into portage inlet.. the sign outside of it said no dogs etc, but they let developers make incredibly ugly appartment buildings the whole way down. it’s an eyesore. the land is beautiful. it was difficult to understand how they could
1) build on a bird sanctuary
2) build incredibly ugly buildings in such a prime location
anyways i got some neat shots of the shoreline and wandered to a place in victoria i had never been before. i had always been curious about the piece of land that you see on the water across from the left of the highway enroute to the malahat / colwood / helmecken etc. neato. i’ll post pictures another day. i really have a lot of other pictures to post still.
later today is resonance and the famous golfer nick gurns is DJing! wooo! we’re in for a treat once again today!!

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  1. actually, she vaguely reminds me of devon, esp. in the shot of her laughing.
    i have been meaning to check out that area for ages, so i definitely will soon. i think chrissie posted about visiting those birds in the summer.
    nick gurns! w00t!
    glad to hear i am giving you lots of traffic. you are my #1 referrel for personal sites. google, msn, and yahoo are ahead of you. craziness.

  2. When I was in university, I used to go to bed around 10 when I had an assignment due the next day, then wake up around 4am and write. I found it way easier to write right after I woke up… like if I went to sleep with something on my mind, I would sort it out in my head while sleeping. I guess I got the best of both worlds; night time writing and writing after waking up.

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