lost in the fog

i went driving with richard the other night. it was superfoggy and we were listening to James Holden‘s (not to be confused with James Holden or James Holden) Balance 05 CD1. great driving music, great anything music really. the fog was thick, the music was creepy. it was spooky, kind of hallowe’en vibey. would have been need to see some roman candles in that kind of weather. i was thinking it would be nice to do some photography that night, but i didn’t. my energy is in music right now. i worked more on caveman last night, pretty happy with it but there’s a bit i have to compose. overall i’d say my influences from voyager, max graham, hybrid, starecase, parks & wilson, tarrentella vs. redanka etc have come into play in this production.
the picture is from friday night when myself, krishen and nathan went for coffee at denny’s. yes, that’s right the BTCFS was in action as recently as Friday. ooooo!
i am a bit low on energy these days, probably the weather. and there’s other stuff obviously going on, but work is keeping me sane and challenging me in the right way. good work, love you work. sit, work. roll over work. yes. good work.

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  1. Hey Dav, what is the “caveman” project? pardon my ignorance. But the world is so blissful this way.

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