you’re doing society no good at all

thanks to aaron for pointing this article out:
Vatican: condoms don’t stop Aids
apparently The Vatican is so against contraceptions (but not the spread of AIDS) that they’re spreading blatent lies about condoms.
they are even demonizing the workers in the manufacturing plants:

“Some priests have even been saying that condoms are laced with HIV/Aids.”

oh yeah before i forget, shaw is having trouble sending emails to addresses. so if you have a email address, and you are expecting email from me.. well, you’re not going to get any because i can’t send you anything!! sorry :(.

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  1. how can they feel they are justified in saying such things to the public. There are many people that will take that seriously. Probably hundreds of millions of people around the world. I don’t really think that’s over estimating. I hope it is.

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