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i took a slew of photographs of matt’s band, fan tan alley. as you can see, they need them for their new website! wooo! matt is the bassplayer. craig is the vocalist and they seem to have rotating drummers, although the one that came out with them came all the way from toronto for the west coast gigs. that’s a good sign.
matt seems to be doing well for himself out there in toronto, which is good, because we sure do miss him out here.
and now for the “whatever” part of the post..
i was driving in the right-most lane of a 4 lane road. going through an intersection. this old man who is driving slowly in the left lane (going the same way) decides he must take a right in the middle of the intersection. hooray. his little sedan crunches into the side of the big green machine. i didnt really feel it; the van is quite large. i pulled over, the guy appeared confused and probably about 80ish. i felt sorry for him, but he didn’t even shoulder check and he tried changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.
a friendly fellow in a rather expensive car saw everything from behind. that’s good, because the old man didn’t seem to know what was going on, even though he turned his signal on mid-intersection. ah well..
tonight can’t be a late one for me .. i have to be at the jubilee hospital at 8:30 for some health authority volunteer work. that train of thought that i believed i had yesterday has vanished.. but slowly and surely, i am learning how to increase my attention span..

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  1. the old man has obviously come to the end of his driving life. He will have to take a driving test because of the accident, and that will be that. Really old drivers can cause disastrous accidents, by driving right through at stop signs and red lights, and other such surprises. I am 59 now, and when the time comes when I should give up driving comes, I hope I am not stubborn about it, as my dad was. But I still have a mind like a rat trap; so don’t cross me up on the road, ya young whippersnappers, or you’ll hear about it!! (/sarcasm) hahahahaha
    Most people my age have relegated themselves to Lincoln Town cars or the like, with automatic everything. I currently drive with a 5 speed manual tranny, constantly double-clutching up and down through the gears; a process which requires your attention including being aware of what’s going on around you. It’s good, and I quite enjoy it hahahaha ‘FARFEGNUGEN’!!!! So next time you see an old woman or man driving some h00j floater of a car, with a death grip on the steering wheel, and a look on their faces like a deer in the headlights…… take extreme care, they really shouldn’t be out there.

  2. Davin, in the above post I tried to use the outside of the /sarcasm remark, but it will not appear on your blog….. like it’s recognizing code from me, so I had to use regular brackets. I find that slightly amusing 🙂

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