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so, i declare a victory for this blog. today i had to sit down and write a letter with purpose. a year ago, pre-blog, it would have taken me roughly all day to do such a thing. yet, when i sat down this day to write a letter, it took no more than 5 minutes. it all just came out.. it was actually kind of enjoyable now that i think about it. you see, i started a blog so that i could get better at writing. at actually writing. not particularly grammar or anything like that. such things have no place on my blog.. haha. but really, just the thought process that allows words to flow from the brain and into text. that is the thing. that is the part. that is why i started a blog. not to post pictures, not to post mp3’s of radio show episodes that i have hosted or been on, not to post CD’s or IRC quotes.
clearly, i am not against such things. i find amusement in and of these things and i know a bunch of other people that do as well. i didn’t start a blog to become a moveabletype ninja but i have sort have become one with time. tomorrow i will be integrating moveable type with dreamweaver for a new project at work. neaaaaaaaaaaat! that has potential to be very powerful.
i took my canon G2 to future shop today because the battery life has been sporadic. most times i’ll have 3-4 hours of continuous shooting with the LCD screen on, some times i’ll have 5 minutes. what?!? that’s not right. so they gave me a new battery (worth $100) and i’ll test it out for a few days. i need my camera working well before this trip to the UK.
tomorrow i “should be” receiving an email from the Czech Embassy regarding a Visa application. they have been unable to guarantee that I will get my passport back before june 29th. they have replied with “you should get your passport back in time” but i need a “yes” or a “no” considering i need my passport to go on this plane trip to the UK that I have already paid for. so anyway, this is on top of the $80 they want for me to enter the country. there’s gotta be a better way to get into Prague than this process that could take up to a month. gurn.

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  1. jim: duh-oh! man, wish i coulda been there to hear davin’s set.
    davin, cool that you’re going to prague though. i’ve always wanted to go to — one of my good friends in highschool was from there, it always sounded so interesting!

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