secret plot

really, it took 3 days to repair my system drive. by that i mean repairing the volume structure (as seen above) and defragging. i eliminated 20 gigs of crud from the drive and now it’s rockin’ it all un fragged. if my system drive was a child you could call it neglected and abused. i mean, it’s part of The Robot so i didn’t think about it much, but my computer is under a desk across from my bed. and my computer is my webserver, this webserver, the server you access this very site from. when you visit my website, you come out the side of my bedroom wall in a cat5 cable, around my bed, past my turntables and mixer, and under my desk right beside where my feet are now. and then back out again. so, when this system drive is as fragmented as it was, you can bet it started to freak me out when it started making odd noises in the middle of the night from heavy web traffic last fall. i said to myself “i have to do something. it would be unwise for me not to.” so finally, i did. not only did i clean up my hard drive, i totally cleaned up my living space while the defrag program did its thing. this is the slowest defrag i have ever seen, but i really don’t care. this is my über secret blog and everyone that should know about it figured out what i was doing while the server was being worked on.
so, when was the last time you defragged your hard drive? you may be making it sick… you may be on the path to destruction!

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  1. finally! i was jonesin’! glad to have you all back now.
    i defragged last week. i need to remind myself to do it more often though, as it seems to cause *a lot* of problems if i don’t.

  2. krishen: yeah its mega faster. to give you an idea of how fragmented Saturn was .. it took 3 days to defrag 13 gigs used out of 40. It took less than 6 hours to defrag Jupiter which is over 100 gigs used out of 120.
    julie: yeah fragmenting is the devil!!!

  3. yay, youse back! fragmentation seems to be the biggest obsticle most people are facing these days, most people’s computers i look at for serious problems just need a serious defrag. seriously.
    meanwhile, my site is down for the second time in about a week. last time it was down for 16 hours. my guess is the server admin neglected to apply IIS security patches again and right now girlrepair is masked, armed, and holding up a bank next to the wal-mart at a strip mall in tulsa, all under the control of the commie-nazis.
    i smell a hosting change in the near future. oh wait, that’s just my neighbours having a barbeque. and now i’m blogging in your comments box again. oops.

  4. hey jim. seriously, that is so true. and i was saying to denis the other day that we should all go photogging soon since he gots a new camera!
    host change! host change! woo, woot!
    fabulous dream?

  5. it would’ve taken less time to backup your data to some other drive and reformatted.
    oh yeah, I got a dual g4 /533 now.

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