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  1. dude walking is good for you! cars are bad, and I’m not nearly sporty enough to pull off the whole bike thing – to bad. so walking, and if it’s too far the bus or skytrain is good too – though when in vancouver – make sure you avoid rush hour if possible.
    what about a skateboard though?

  2. winters i walk, summers i walk or ride my bicycle. sometimes i miss my car addiction, especially when it rains or i have to go someplace far away. and every once in a while, i even take the bus, something i did today. and all that walking and riding paid off, i almost missed the bus, had to lope along after it for four blocks. once aboard and seated, i noticed that my body hadn’t noticed i’d been running – no deep breathing and my heart rate was hardly up at all. and while i sometimes went for long walks when i had cars, i went for long drives more often. now, i walk at least two miles every day. i don’t see as many new things, but i see many new things in many things i’ve seen many times before.
    but i still need a car soon, or i’m gonna go loopy.

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