even more new shoes

no folks, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this. i got more new shoes. the ones i couldn’t get in aldo in victoria i got in aldo in nanaimo. the last pair. noice one, me! i’ll post a picture .. later!
so as you can see, i am dying to play tennis again.

i guess the tennis racquet everywhere kind of gave it away. i got a new grip on it and some new topspin strings. last sunday when i played tennis with nathan it was just too cool. it’s been a long time for both of us and it was just awesome. the last several years i’ve been stuck to [my] computers and other lazy social activities. most of my friends just enjoyed going for coffee and all that kind of stuff. i still love doing that but physical activity is so much more gratifying and it doesn’t leave you buzzing on caffeine or whathaveyou at the end of the night when you should be exhausted enought to sleep.

me and nathan are planning on going back to an indoor facility to partake in more tennis-like activities. we’re also planning on bringing his laptop, his usb audio input device, and a couple of mics to record samples. the sounds made in the tennis bubble is just too zope. nathan has also been hooking me up with some serious samples which is just great. i have much to listen to when i return to victoria, that is for sure.

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