today was super relaxing. a nice drive up to qualicum bay and the lighthouse community was just what the doctaur ordered.
i can’t figure out why i am sneezing so much today. hmmmmm. atchoo!!
enough of the present, lets talk about the future.

i’m getting a cell phone. after many years of putting this off, i have decided that it is time to do it. waiting in one place for a phone call has taken up too much of my time and i’ve had it with missing messages. though i haven’t missed any messages up here, i have no idea how many i have missed in victoria over the years. plus if i am planning on doing some contracting when i get back to victoria, i better not miss a single message and i better have them all in a reasonably timely manner.
i might sound bitter, but i am not really. i enjoy not having a cell phone a lot of the time, simply because when i am out doing something, i am not being interrupted by a phone. but.. you can turn ringers off.

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  1. I love having a cellphone, even though it always costs more than you think it will. Text messaging is fun, and the phones are small and round enough now to slip into a pocket just right.
    And d00d. That top pic is amazing. Wow.

  2. Maybe if you get a cell phone…we could call each other and you could tell me how you like my hometown.

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